Numb thigh anyone????

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Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
Morning ladies, Hope yous are all just blooming today :o0 :o0 , A question for ya's, Is anyone suffering from a numb thigh in bed at night??? For about the last 2 weeks when I get into bed at night im getting a numbing sensation in my left upper thigh which is with me all night long, it's not even my whole thigh its like a BIG circle of it, its just soooo weird :-8 :-8 , Anyone else got the same problem????
breeze Posts: 1175
Hi Mrs Summer I get the same thing. But only get it in my left hip when lying on it at night. It doesnt happen when i lye on my right side, i find this a better side to sleep on. Or sometimes i lye on my back with a pillow at my side, but that doesnt last ling at babes give me a right bashing for it, LOL. I did got one of thoes long pillows, O:| O:| O:| , bloody nightmare, i just use a normal one between my knees. I got Dh to flip the mattress the other day and it has kinda helped. Maybe you could try this. HTH
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
Thanks for that breeze at least I know im not a freak :o0 :o0 :o0 , On the mattress turning unfortunatly we can turn ours its memory foam so it has to be the way it is, suppose i'll be just stuck with another 14 weeks of it :o0 :o0 :o0
MrsDarcy Posts: 805
:yelrotflmaosmilie: LMAO This is happening to me EVERY night - but it's my a$$ cheeks that are going dead. When I'm on my left side, my left cheek goes dead so I turn over and then I turn on my right and my right cheek goes dead. DH thinks it's hilarious. I don't find it funny at all - especailly when I'm awake all night tossing ang turning :zzzz:
redrobin Posts: 428
Hi MrsSummer, I had a numb thigh constantly on my last pregnancy, from about 20 weeks onward. It felt so strange. I was told that baby was probably sitting on a nerve in my pelvis but that the numbness would only go away after the birth. Sure enough, that's what happened. Just mention it on your next visit but that should be the explanation.