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skittles Posts: 1312
just sussing out venues and wondering if anyone has any experience with this hotel for a wedding? L
MsCabbage Posts: 674
Hi Skittles, We are havign our wedding there in 8 weeks :o)ll So far they have been fine to deal with although I haven't really be on to them much yet. Patricia is the name of the wedding coordinator and she is very good. Was there anything specific you wanted to know?
skittles Posts: 1312
my friend is getting married next year and is going to view the hotel today.just wanted to see if anyone had any feedback for her before she makes any decisions.
Alluring Posts: 929
Hi, I haven’t been to a wedding but I was at another function. The food was out of this world. It was beautiful. The hotel & surroundings are beautiful too. Good Luck with your choice :wv
Little Angel Posts: 913
I was at a wedding there too and it was great. The food was fab and the rooms etc are beautiful!
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
i was at about ten weddings there, excellent service, food fab and its just a lovely hotel. we live ten mins up the road so very handy when we have a wedding there.
Mrs Malefesense Posts: 1440
Gonna rain on the parade a bit here but please bear in mind that this is only my opinion. Don't mean to be offending anyone who has already had their wedding at this venue / is planning to have their wedding at this venue On the plus side the venue and surrounding gardens are gorgeous but on the negative I found the food mediocre and a bit bland and the smell of the sewage from the sports centre kinda drifted a bit IFYWIM Sorry
SaySay Posts: 86
Hi there, getting married there myself in a few weeks and agree that it is fantastic. We have been up a few times and i have never noticed a smell, although i know a few people in previous post have brought this issue up. Hopefully as the weather hasn't been to hot, it might not be an issue for me! I have had a few meals here and the food has always been out standing, hopefully they will do as well with large numbers. it's in the lap of the gods that things go well on your day so fingers crossed everyhting will work out for us!!
darver07 Posts: 116
My brother had his wedding there in 2005 and it was fab, the food, service and the function where all top class. I've been to a number of weddings in the also and I couldn't fault one, it is a lovely venue and I would have went for it myself but I wanted to do something a bit different from my brother and our friends, so I went for Darver Castle instead.
Trooper Posts: 2155
I was at a wedding there in 2003 (a long time ago admittedly) and it had the WORST service I've ever seen anywhere. We were at the back of the room, and had wedding wine and other drinks on the table. About 10 staff stood around our table watching us like hawks (this was just after the meal) and if any of us took our hand off our drink, they dived in to take it away, whether it was empty or not. I have NEVER seen anything like it. I'd say it has improved, but girls if you are getting married there, make sure they don't do this. They may have wanted to clear the tables, but it was basically THEFT!