Nursery Chair?

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Inlove10 Posts: 806
Hi girls Just need your advice, I am considering whether to buy a chair for the baby's room. Have my eye on a nice whicker type with high sides to rest your arms. But there's not a huge amount of room left by the time we put in the cot, chest of drawers and wardbrobe. I could put it by the window and put a nice cushion on it. Basically I'm wondering how much of a neccessity a chair is ? Should I bother really if I'll only use it for a few months and then have to get rid of it? Considering BF for the first couple of weeks then likely to move onto bottle. How likely is it that I'll be feeding babs in their own room? I like the idea of giving babs naps and changing them in their own room so that they get used to their surroundings. For night feeds do you think it's best that whoever is feeding babs to go into another room (maybe downstairs to the sofa....)so as not to wake the other person? or feed them in the bed? Sorry for babbling but I'm just trying to figure this out my head, I know it seems such a small thing to be worried about but don't have much money and this chair is a bargain so I need to decide by tomorrow before they're all gone..... my dining room chairs don't have arms to rest on.... tanx
AliB Posts: 59
I would say you def need somewhere to sit in the babys room as you may be spending a lot of time in there walking around with them trying to get them to sleep and it's nice to have somewhere to sit down when they start to doze off. I got one of those fancy rocking nursery chairs with arm rests because I thought it would be good for breast feeding but it it is useless for that, I actually cannot feed the baby in it at all because the arm rests just get in the way, don't know if this would be the same problem with a bottle or not, but the chair IS handy for when baby wakes in the night and you are too knackered to stand up any more you can sit and rock in the chair and that sometimes works to soothe baby. I would say it is more important to get any comfy chair, not neccessarily a 'nursery' chair and not neccessarily with armrests as they can just get in the way. For night feeds I would say move the baby as little as possible so they stay sleepy so do the feed in the same room as they sleep in. Don't worry about other person waking up - you'll both be so tired it is no problem to go back to sleep! try and arrange a bedside light or something that gives you enough light to do the feed and change nappy if neccessary but is not super bright. hope that helps!
Daff Posts: 11644
Definately recommend it. It won't be just for a few months. I know many people who like to give the lat bottle in the room on the chair so baby starts to doze and then you can easily pop them into the cot. Also you can sing/talk to them sitting in the chair as part of the bedtime routine. This can go on well after the first year. HTH
Inlove10 Posts: 806
Thanks I could put one of the dining room chairs in there, they have comfy cushions but quite upright if you know what I mean and higher up than the wicker one I saw so you wouldn't exactly use them to relax in. what do you think?