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quinny07 Posts: 103
Hi I know this may seem a stupid question but I am spending so much time deliberating over this issue I am driving myself and husband mad ! We have a small enough babies room (enough for single bed and computer desk at moment) which has good fitted wardrobes (double hanging space and additional 6 deep shelves ) and i am trying to decide whether to get one of those ordinary open changer type units (with the open shelves for baskets) or a proper dresser with drawers - bit more expensive Can anyone who has their furniture or baby help with advice as to which is better to have. thanks
jiggy_jo Posts: 1166
we have a similar sort of box room (although not ttc at present!) but i plan to get one of the dressers that match the cot that the changing top can come off when babs is a bit older. i just dont think i would like one of the open dressers, i am too fond of everything in its place :-8
irish bride Posts: 558
I am the same as jiggy, we have the small box room for babs, and went with the dresser/changer so we had extra storage space, and i am SO glad i did. God the amount of storage one tiny person needs is unreal!!!! I would highly recommend it, especially if you get one with the removable changing part at the very top, so it transforms to a dresser afterwards, in my opinion it is defo worth the money!
deem Posts: 710
We have box room too although doesnt appear to be as small as yours, we also have fitted wardrobes, and have a chest of drawers which we will keep in baby's room for drawers, as none in wardrobe, but in choosing the cot have decided on a cot bed in smyths, its €179 at moment and with the sale on has a changing unit free (worth approx €65) so they tell me. Its an open one which can be used with little boxes or just open.
pattie Posts: 2379
We have the same kind of room and were considering one of those dressers with the changer top till i saw the price of them in the M&P catalogue! We changed out minds then and are going to put in a large fitted wardrobe with shelves and baskets as well as hanging. I'm going to put the changing mat and other stuff in the bottom of the wardrobe so I can easily pull it all out and change the baby on the floor.
madmam Posts: 1294
In my opinion, the stirage shelves with the boxes look lovely, but imagine when tot gets older and starts pulling them and its contents out? Would drive you daft. I would go for the actual drawers so you can put locks/anti toddler devices on them! *)
MotherNature Posts: 317
We didn't want a dedicated changer due to the space it would take up and also the issues of what to do with it when babs had grown to big to need it. We've just got a Mamas and Papas cot bed delivered this morning through Argos and there's a cot top changer included. At least it's small enough to stow away when not in use. Everything else that's needed during a change can just be pulled out from storage shelves or the under bed storage before we need it. We're also just getting a regular chest of drawers for the room, rather than the ones with the changer unit built into them, as I don't think they're that nice and also you're left with bits on top that you don't need when the nappy stage is over.
originalwoowoo Posts: 867
We have a chest of drawers with four drawers, bath in top one and changing mat on top. It was very handy to have bath at adult height and not having to bend into the bath when he was little. Now we are not using bath but lots of room in drawers.
irish bride Posts: 558
Diotima I honestly honestly don't want to put a dampner on your plans at all but be careful if you are planning to change the baby on the floor all the time, it will be tough on your back doing it all the time. Sometimes that is why the tables are easier. In saying that you don't need a fancy changing table, even just put the mat on top of a standard chest fo drawers etc.. Either way, best of luck!!! xxxx