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Always hoping Posts: 784
Just wondering what everyone was planning on doing regarding decorating a nursery. With the buggy/pram sorted and the weeks ticking by (almost 30) I've been mulling over what to do. Regarding the cot I'm still up in the air - undecided between Tony Kealy's ( nice but pricey), Mothercare or Argos. Regarding the decor I think I've narrowed it down to the Ollie and Molly collection in Next or Winnie the Pooh in Mothercare. I really would like to get everything matching - curtains, bed, light shade etc. and there doesn't seem to be a good choice out there... I've love to know what everyone else is thinking of doing!
under construction Posts: 3458
So far we have ordered the cot - the stokee sleepi from Tony Kealy's [img:34ji1f1t][/img:34ji1f1t] Then in B&Q i bought this border [img:34ji1f1t][/img:34ji1f1t] they had matching stickers so i bought the plain white canvas's - painted them lemon and stuck the stickers on. Ours walls are cream, the carpet is beige / brown (great description) and the curtains the same [img] I know its not an exact match but as we dont know the sex we will be moving the baby into the big bedroom and will then decorate that in girls or boys colours if that makes sense as by then i hope to be going again.
susmurf Posts: 1060
We decorated DD's room with Winne the Pooh, but not the mothercare range - went with the brighter Pooh colours cause you can pick up mathing stuff anywhere. Got lampshade, border and that sort of stuff in Atlantic Homecare and got gorgeous canvas pictures in a discount store!!
love struck Posts: 1125
Gosh I havent thought of doing a nursery up.. I am going to wait until the arrival of babs and then do it. Also not buying the cot and furniture for the room until after birth aswell... The only things I will buy is the buggy and car seat which I will leave in a friends and the essentials for the hospital I will get everything else afterwards. Some friends called the other day and asked me if I wanted a baby shower for the fun... And I was no no :eek :eek .. Couldnt have anything in the house before babs arrives safely.. Am I mad!! Am I too superticious? Everyone seems to be really prepared... And the funny thing is, there is a history of babies been born early in my family, sisters at 32, 34, 36 weeks...
Baby Mad Posts: 1756
We've ordered our cotbed and chest of drawers with changer on top from Eurobaby. We went with baby looney tunes bedding and as we speak there is a guy in our house painting murals of the baby looney tunes on the walls for us. I'm dying to get home and see it :o)ll :o)ll
nu Posts: 50
I am the same - 30 weeks and only the pram sorted! I don't really want to bring anything into the house either but I do know that a certain amount needs to be got before baby arrives - the last thing I'll want is shopping for essentials the day I get home from hospital! My main things are pram, moses basket, lots of baby gros, towels, sheets, bottles & sterilizer. When do you all plan moving the baby into the nursery?
Blackbird Posts: 5135
We're not painting or decorating the nursery at the mo cos we're having work done in the house. I'd like to order my cot and changing unit though. I love the stokke sleepi, do you mind me asking how much it is in TK's under construction? Did you get a matching changing unit? I really want a changing unit that's a chest of drawers but it's hard enough to find a good selection that's not an outgrageous price. There is one in Tony Kealy's that I liked but it's cream and I was thinking of natural/oak finish. I've the wardrobe in the nursery cleared out, that's as far as I got at the moment!
Me Julia Posts: 1352
Girls i really understand you are a bit superstitious but i would really advise you to have stuff ready for babys arrival. I had the crib put together and all the sheets washed and ironed, i showed DH where they were so they would be on the crib for when me and baby arrived home, i had the changing table all organised IE- nappies, creams, talc, top and tail bowl, cotton wool, nappy bags, wipes etc all to hand. All the babygros and vests were washed, ironed and in babys wardrobe. Pram was put together and sheets on so baby could sleep during the day downstairs. If i hadnt of done all that i dont think i would have coped. I had quite a traumatic delivery and could not really walk afterwards. had trouble even getting up and down the stairs. I was very emotional and would not have been able to think straight to get all the stuff organised. So please think about this............ i really hope none of you have the delivery i had but just in case.....................
Always hoping Posts: 784
It's great to hear everyone's plans. I can understand why some people simply don't want any stuff in the house before baby arrives. A very good friend of mine is also preg and due just a couple of weeks after me and she won't even look at baby stuff. I had a m/c myself before but it's not stopping me from getting organised. Each to their own I say. Anyway I think I'll have a look in BnQ and Atlantic homecare before I make any final decision on decor - would never have considered checking there only for ye girls!!! Was wondering has anyone considered a chair? - apparently it's a good idea if you have the room but not a rocking chair which seems to be what's on offer in most baby stores. We changed our suite a few months ago and I'm kicking myself for not holding on to one of the armchairs - it would have been perfect! Regarding the age for putting baby into nursery - I'm reading Gina Ford's book at the mo and that's what's motivating me to getting the nursery done. She suggests that baby goes in there from day one for most of the day naps (unless in pram or out) and the last sleep at night (round 11ish) baby should go into your room. I really like some of her suggestions even though I'm also aware that her methods don't suit everyone. I think in general people like to have baby in their room for 6-12 months at night.
love struck Posts: 1125
alwayshoping I intend to move baby all going well at 12-14weeks once all is ok with feeding and they are sleeping through the night. I find with my nieces and nephews is that they get so cute and hear everything and this sometimes disrupts their sleep... My sister did this with all her 3 and my brother with his two and all kids love bed and sleep from 7/8ish to the following morning.. This is my plan anyway,... I suppose only time will tell :o0