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s wife Posts: 1445
girls i need your help ,myself and hubby are trying to figure out what theme we'll go with for the babies room as we dont know the sex we have no idea what to do.. all ive found is winnie the poo themes for unisex rooms,but id like some other ideas if you have them, as we are now thinking of waiting till baby arrives before we do anything ( not my choice though ) thanks in advance :thnk
NewMom1 Posts: 1252
hi swife we went for zeddy and parsnip in Mamas and Papas, had 33% off the range when we bought and it is cream and yellow. They have quite a few neutral ranges and they have winnie the pooh too! Next also have some lovely ranges and you can buy it all online. Hope that helps!
Aurge Posts: 1456
Iv always loved the idea of a Disnet themed room. Well the walls anyway. My mam knows someone who is great at painting things like that. Though I'll probs want to move into the room myself. Just think that can be for boy or girl. Not at the stage yet where Im even thinking about the baby's room, havent even had my 1st hosp app yet !!
sept09baby Posts: 1094
We'll be going with winnie the pooh but B & Q have a stick on border based on farm animals. It's lovely and you could use it with any other accessories
Woodstock Posts: 1565
We went with the Once Upon a Time theme from Mamas & Papas - was a bit pricey but we had been looking for a while and didn't find anything else we both liked. We went to M&P in Belfast, we got a little carried away and ended up getting nearly everything from that theme! We got the cotbed quilt, pillowcase and bumper, the tiebacks for the curtains, the lampshade, the rug, 2 wallpapers borders, 1 canvas picture, a dreampod 1.0 tog, a dreampod 2.5 tog, the changing mat, the musical mobile and the soft toys (teddys etc). It's nice to have everything matching because our furniture was from M&P also - we're practically M&P stakeholders now! :eek :o0
s wife Posts: 1445
thanks girls for all the replies i still dont know what we are going to do i am just wondering if we were to wait till babs arrives then we can do the room up in pink or blue lord i dont know what to do O:|
bam bam Posts: 1756
Hey we were the same, weren't sure whether to wait till babs arrived, but my sister said if ya can do it before just get it done as you'll be so busy once babs arrives. So we've decided on Nexts Animaltastic theme, so cute, lots of nice bright colours. Our wall are cream so we'll just add the border and the pics and that to brighten it up. Good luck!!
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
We got the sleepy farm set from Mothercare, dh is painting it next week then i can put all the bits up that I bought! I went onto ebay and found a lady who handmakes little inexpensive pictures for the wall in many of the popular mothercare/next and MnP's themes cause I found that mothercare dont really have any pics for the wall in their themes!
Baby Mad Posts: 1756
We have the Looney Tunes Baby theme and I LOVE IT. We knew we were having a boy and painted the bottom of the wall blue but it could be unisex. We had a guy come in and paint the baby looney tunes on a train around the room, they are so cute, they all have nappies :o0 and just went with baby blue on the bottom and blue curtains. We actually got a looney tunes baby cot set in blue in Euro baby which was perfect.