nursing chair??

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sodbride Posts: 105
HI There, Just wondering if anyone has one they would like to sell? Meant to buy the one in smyths but forgot(baby brain) and now they are sold out! Thanks
Emomc Posts: 2069
I missed the Smyths bargain too Sodbride O:|
sodbride Posts: 105
total pain emomc!!! It was deadly!
islandfun Posts: 3054
We bought this one on the kiddicare website - it was on sale also, so was less than that but it's still a good price (in comparison to shops here) ... suggestion [img:3qt11xp7][/img:3qt11xp7] £150 I bought this to go with it (but in cream) ... suggestion [img:3qt11xp7][/img:3qt11xp7] £20 Three day turnaround for delivery time, which was great.