Nut Allergy

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izzie1977 Posts: 460
Hi girls, My DH has a nut allergy and people have been telling me that because of that I should not eat nuts as my bean might have it too. But then other say that i should eat them as baby may well have it if I dont get them used to it, like the lactose thing! DH didnt develop it until he was in his 20, and I really miss muching on nuts even for protein etc. I havent touched them since I found out and wont if it will hurt our bean in anyway, just wondering if anyone else had had any experience of it??
marriedinmay Posts: 578 ... spregnancy Hunny and me don't have a nut allergy but do have asthma and heyfever. I have started eating them after reading the above that was updated in Aug this year. I suppose you have to go by what the midwives say, not sure if this new info have been filtered out to them yet? :wv