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KaldiBean Posts: 60
Hello ladies I have read loads of these weight loss threads and just wanted to suggest something: I recently went to a nutritional therapist who thoroughly tested me for food allergies after experiencing very bad hayfever. After prescribing the elimination of : dairy/yeast/red meat/some fruits/some veg, I have lost an AMAZING 5 kilos in 3 weeks. My metabolism is at an all time high!! It sounds hard to follow, but the only thing that motivates me to keep it up is remembering how crap I felt following what i thought was a 'healthy diet.' I just think if you are serious about weight loss, you should test what works and what doesn't for your body. You should try and keep away from gizmos and gadgets to lose got to change how you eat!Believe me its the ONLY thing that works + exercise!! :wv
Spacehopper Posts: 136
sounds interesting....can you give details of who/where the person is? and how much?
poppins007 Posts: 269
Hi id be interested in this too :wv
Dipsy80 Posts: 1038
I'd be interested in this too. Please pm me details.
mrs_c_to_be Posts: 534
What a coincidence, I've just been checking out info on food intolerances the last few days. Been feeling v bloated and tired for ages now - looked 6 months pregnant going to bed last night! The tests all seem quite expensive though and I read an article questioning how useful the blood tests are... But theres no denying that its worked for you! More info please :thnk
KaldiBean Posts: 60
HI Ladies She was a lady called Sandra Devlin in Finglas. I dont think there is a website. I just had her card from a flyer dropped in the letter box. I am now follwing an organic dairy free lifestyle and the hayfever has gone! I can finally enjoy a glass of red vino!! :o)ll
poppins007 Posts: 269
hi there would you have a number for her? :wv
KaldiBean Posts: 60
hiya all...the website is Its going very well so far! Also, she does not do the blood test thing unless you have to. Its very takes a while to get used to looking at everything before I buy it. I go out to the organic supermarket in Blackrock now as well for all my fruit and veg. complete convert!