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Mrs O'Neill Posts: 417
I was just wondering what ye think of baby showers/giving baby clothes/toys/etc to pregnant women? I'm totally against it cos I feel it puts the mockers on the pregnancy (I admit that I can be a teensy bit superstitious!) How do you let people know that's how you feel without sounding weird or greedy (presuming people will buy you stuff)? Its not an issue for me yet but I'd like to know your opinions! Thanks
Mrs Orla 09/04 Posts: 52
I'm with you on this one. I'm very superstitious about getting baby presents before the baby is born. I think it's because my Mum is like that. She had a full term still born and I suppose that contributes to my uneasieness about buying stuff for a baby before it''s born. All I'd have is enough for the baby while in hospital.
Mrs Neadi* Posts: 1128
i don't agree with them at all, but then i'm also very supersticious! (sp?) will not have anything in the house until after baby is born safely! a friend of mine had a still born baby and had to go home to a house full of baby stuff. my heart was breaking for her.
Mrs O'Neill Posts: 417
Mrs Orla, that must have been awful for your mum :( My h2b's aunt just had a baby and h2b's sisters were buying presents for the child from about 4 months. There is no way I could do that. She said that it would be too expensive to buy everything at once but I'm just going to put money away each week and send himself down to the shop when the time comes!! The way I'm talking you'd swear I was 8 months gone!! I'm not even pregnant (can't wait to though!)
snozberry Posts: 1212
I think they are a lovely idea (although no- one did one for me when I was expecting :cry: !!) I know people are superstitious but believe me from the moment you are pregnant if anything went wrong you would be so upset anyway... any by buying stuff for a baby isn't going to make you lose your child! My sis and best friend both had babies 'born sleeping' and my friend still has some of the things she had prepared for her baby which she has kept as memories. We had offered to move all the stuff but she said no, that if she went home to an empty house with no reminder of a baby ever existing, that would be much worse. but if you really feel strongly about something like that, then a couple of key people should know you feel this way - a friend at work and a close friend to ensure that they wouldnt do one as a surprise. Also you could arrange for friends or family to store all the stuff cos believe me there is so much to organise when you get home anyway!!! Just my opinion.... each to their own.