NWR - What shoe size are you?

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yadayada Posts: 1066
I'm a size 7 and find that alot of the time the shops don't have my size. I just wonder is it because the average size is 7 and they sell out quickly, or there aren't many of us so they don't stock a lot of size 7...its really affecting my shoe addiction :lol:
Mrs Peg Bundy Posts: 2515
It's no wonder I can never get a bleedin' pair of shoes. Look at all the size 5s!!!!! :shock:
deb0705 Posts: 55
Unusual survey. I thought 6 was the average size but there seems to be an awful lot of 7's around. Interesting. I'm 6 by the way if anyone is interested!
MrsBobbie Posts: 21
I'm a 6 but if I am buying really pointed shoes will go for a seven once you can't see bits of my toes :lol:
Mrs.Winter Posts: 114
OH GOD, I've got canal boats for feet! the only size 8 so far!
SandraM Posts: 1112
I really don't know what size I am. Sometimes a 5 1/2, mostly a 6 or 6 1/2 and now and again a 7! My feet are very odd - incredibly wide with a tendency to swell up at the slightest provocation! Ooops - just reread that - it sounds a bit dodgy!! :shock:
Mrs Neadi* Posts: 1128
i'm a 7, but if i'm buying pointy shoes i have to buy 8 cos i have freakishly long toes and i hate seeing the ends of them!! find it hard to get shoes i like, there almost never seems to be a pair in my size!
Deb Posts: 342
I have baby feet - 3 to 3 and a half! Doesn't make it easy finding shoes.
SummerDays Posts: 665
sorry.. think Im now the new winner My feet are just not made for shoes, Id be happy to run around bare foot!
LynSept'05 Posts: 7
Yaaay! Go the size 7's!