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Wee13 Posts: 2
Hi I am going to nyc for 4 nights with the girls. Hotel and accommodation are paid for so just wondering how much money you think I would need to bring. I just want to have enough and be comfortable. Buy some nice pieces like a Michael kors bag, make up, runners. Few bits like that. I know everyone is different in what they spend but let me know how you got on there. Thanks oh any shopping locations with good deals pleaseet me know also
MrsMcC2013 Posts: 358
For shopping in macys go to the customer service and get your discount card. It's great. (Esp for getting your Michael Korrs bag) I usually go to NY once a year and I spend a lot. Try jersey gardens outlet. There is another place an outlet but can't think of the name of it. Check out 5th avenue and the side streets off it. Soho as well. Love soho! I miss New York.
Wannabmama Posts: 299
Oh I would love it.I second jersey gardens all under one roof,Woodbury common is the other outlet it's more like Kildare village all individual shops so time of year makes a big difference.Maceys its great too just don't try to rush it you can get lost in there. It's hard to say how much cash to bring have a look online at the makeup & bags to give u a rough budget.Its down to what u like really. I don't think you spend as much on food & drink if ur going for the shopping u'll be too tired to dress up & go out.
secretbridie Posts: 359
+1 for Woodbury Common. We visited on honeymon & I shopped like I never shopped before! Have a look at their website for deals - I got a free wheelie bag after spending $500 on a mastercard. It was really handy for getting everything home. Budget wise, honestly it's like how long is a piece of string. You'll spend every cent you have with you, regardless of how much you bring!
MrsMcC2013 Posts: 358
Woodbury common....that's it. Thumbs up for that as well. I loved that place. It was snowing when we went and it looked amazing. Agree with the others, you can't set an amount. I've been known to spend 500 alone in Victorias Secret.
elliesbride Posts: 137
[quote="secretbridie":29lcsch9] Budget wise, honestly it's like how long is a piece of string. You'll spend every cent you have with you, regardless of how much you bring![/quote:29lcsch9] Love this description seretbridie, it gave me a giggle! Sephora is amazing for cosmetics, it has most of the brands in one store. The Macy's discount card usually excludes cosmetics so they're the same price. Bloomingdales is a gorgeous department store, it's more high end than Macy's but it has nice brands, the make up department is huge and it's great if you want something special. They also have 10% for visitors. I like Woodbury Common but I feel I need to be really stocking up to make the bus fare worthwhile although we often picked up a cheap rental for $30 or $40 bucks and it was great to put the bags in and not have to hike back from the Port Authority. It's great if you need sports stuff. I like the Aldo and American Apparel.