NYC Shopping - Woodbury common or jersey gardens?

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Trinitym Posts: 341
Hi Ladies, I'm going to NY in a few weeks to get my wedding dress and wanted some tips!! I've been to Woodbury Common twice but never Jersey Gardens, my mum and sis have never been to NY so want to take them to the best outlet...anybody been to both of these and willing to recommend the best?? Thanks in advance xx :wv
keane07 Posts: 26
Hi Trinitym, I have been to both places. I personally prefered Woodbury Common. It is a lovely day out. All the shops are like little bungalow/cottages. It is HUGE there though. I would recommend getting a map from there web site of the shops that are there and decide where you want to go to. You could end up spending a lot of time just wondering around and not getting to where you want to go. They have lockers there that you can rent for $1 I would recommend that you use these through out the day (saves you carrying bags around). Enjoy...
scotswedding Posts: 2829
I didn't go to Woodbury Common as didn't want wasting a day of when I was there shopping or end up spending a fortune on stuff I didn't want so fitted bits in in the normal stores or places like Century 21. We did however go to Jersey Gardens on our way back to the airport and we were glad we were running late and had such little time there. It was vile. A lot of the shops had dirty crap from what must have been years ago lying around. Would completely be a wasted trip imo.
Jawl Posts: 8881
To me, Century 21 was like Michael Guineys :o0 Few of us went, half went to Woodbury and half went to Jersey Gardens. They said there was no taxes in JG, so they went there. Most of them ended up going to Woodbury the next day. I loved Woodbury, it's pretty!
Trinitym Posts: 341
Thanks for your tips ladies!! I think i might just stick with Woodbury as both times i've been there, i've picked up some great bargains...hoping to get BM shoes and accesories,...and maybe a wee guess handbag for myself!!! The only thing that was swaying me towards JG was the newly opened Abercrombie and Hollister Outlets (which woodbury dont' have) I really dislike the Abercrombie on 5th Avenue as i find the "aspiring models and actors" that work there to be so obnoxious!! Funny story completely off topic, but myself and h2b were in NYlast year(we actually got engaged while there) and we went to abercrombie!! H2b was trying to ask for his size in a shirt but had to wait until the 3 male shop assitants finished their dance routine (i kid you not) in front of the mirrors to spandeu ballets "gold"!!! I nearly passed out on the floor laughing at the posers but h2b was NOT impressed!!hahah :o0 :o0
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
I would go to Woodbury personally and what we did when shopping was bring a small suitcase on wheels and when we had paid for the items in each shop and left the shop we put them in the case and wheeled it along. Worked out very handy.
Minnel Posts: 202
I vote for Woodbury too. I was hugely disappointed with Jersey Gardens and would not go back. I went because it had Abercrombie, Victoria Secrets etc. The shops were so disappointing. The stock was dreadful. I got a t-shirt in Abercrombie just because I felt like I had to get something. I went off to Macys that evening to make up for the disappointment :o0 I really liked Woodbury. I got a lot of stuff there.
m2105 Posts: 122
oh im getting so excited now, im going to new york on monday cant wait!!
Mrs Magnum Posts: 974
I was in Woodbury in April. Got a good few bits there. The Guess shop had a great sale. The Lancome Shop was very good value. They have the gift bags with the free items you normally get in Brown Thomas when you buy products for around $10. Got a lovely lipstick and mascara and another few bits in it. They also had very good value on perfume. Log on to woodbury common and join the VIP club before you go. You will be able to print off vouchers and the voucher for the free coupon book. It will cost you $10 to buy at the Information desk. I would advise you to print off the map before you go as it is very big and mark out what shops you exactly want to go to. It is all outdoors like the place in Kildare but on a way larger scale. Wear very comfortable shoes or runners as there is alot of walking involved. I would go back in the morning. Enjoy yourself.