o negative blood type

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clumsy Posts: 661
Does anyone have 0 negative blood type my sister has just been told that she has that type of blood and was told if she ever got pregnant she would have to receive injections throughout the pregnancy is that true. I don’t know my blood type but I am presuming that I would be the same.
jiggy_jo Posts: 1166
clumsy i am o negitive and am 25 weeks and have ever been told anything about injections. i know because hubby is positive, ill prob need anti D after the birth if baby is positive too. perhaps there was another reason, can she clarify the details with her doc?
theoracle Posts: 7664
If you are Rh negative the only times you will need an anti-D injection is if you have any bleeding during pregnancy and during labour you will receive it as a matter of course, because of the bleeding during delivery. It doesn't matter what your hubby is, because they would give you anti-D anyway because medically speaking they cannot ever assume who the father is! So even if your hubby was Rh negative, they would still treat you no different. This is very common, so do not worry, but if you do have any bleeding/spotting, remember to mention the fact you are rh negative (this is the same if you are A-, B- or AB-).
delgirl Posts: 1706
Hi clumsy, I am rheusus negative and it is nothing to worry about. You will have to have two standard injections throughout your pregnancy (assuming you have no other complications or bleeding) and then one when babs is born. I had complications and had to have injection at 11 weeks in my bottom which was a little sore but now you can have them in your arm as apparently less fat in arm and it is better for absorption. I had my second at 26 weeks in my arm which did not hurt at all. When they do your bloods they will talk you through it. I was told that I had to have it as my husband my positive. Negative and positive don't react well together. I was told if hubby was negative also then I would not need them. Hope this helps.
delgirl Posts: 1706
Sorry just to add, you don't need it everytime you have a bleed. Anti-D (which is what they give you) lasts approximately 6 weeks so if you have some spotting (which is quite common in pregnancy) you will not need injection everytime (if at all). It depends on the type of bleed, where it is coming from and when you last had the anti-D. Only blood that comes in contact with baby that is a problem so normal spotting should not matter (again this was what I was advised). Always report spotting and mention rhesus negative :)