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Idina Posts: 1289
I am very overweight (4 and half stone). It has been an ongoing struggle all my life. I have lost half a stone in the last two weeks and while this seems really good I hope I can stick to it because this time I have the biggest reason in the world for wanting to lose-we are TTC. I'm terrified of becoming pregnant before I lose the weight becasue I have read so many horror storied about doing damage to foetal limbs, increased rick of spina bifida not to mention all thedamge I could do (and am doing) to myself. I don't want to intentionally harm my baby and feel I would be if I go ahead now. We tried lat month and I got BFP and in a way I'm glad because I have only read all this stuff recently. Is there anyone in the same baot as me?
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Did you get a BFP or a BFN? Without sounding harsh but maybe if you lost the weight first you would feel much better,I mean if you fell pregnant now how would you feel?
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi thistle just wanted to wish you good luck, BTW are you pg now?
Bubski Posts: 1785
Im not in the same boat as you - not even TTC but just wanted to say well done on the weight loss, its not going to be easy but you will get there. Just take it one day at a time and it will get easier and you have a great reason for motivation. Best of luck with everything *)
Idina Posts: 1289
***CORRECTION**** I got a BFN!
curlymum Posts: 64
Hi thistle. I was in the same boat. Fell pregnant with 1st baby and I was very overweight maybe even more than you. But the pregnancy went fine. They just kept an extra eye on me and the blood pressure as they worry about pre eclampsia but my son was born without any trouble , weighing 10lbs and he was fab. second baby the same. Kept an extra eye on blood pressure and baby girl born 9lb absolutely fine. You know its not such a big deal.. the thing I hated was going to doctors knowing what they would say but after they said it once that was it. It is a natural thing and you know overweight women do have babies so the docs see it everyday. I am now trying for baby no 3 and I am still heavy and know the docs will mention weight again but they don't focus on it only the baby growing inside. If you any questions please feel free to ask me as I Know exactly what u going thru. Chin up. You deserve to have a baby as much as anyone else. :wv
gbirishgirl Posts: 246
Well done on losing the half stone - it really gets you motivated. I share your concerns about getting pg (hopefully) while being overweight. Thing with me is that I am also wheat intolerant so need to get that aspect of my diet sorted out as well. Having said that, I would hate to lose loads of weight only to put it all back on again while pregnant! :eek I echo what the other girls have said - being overweight may cause problems for you during your pregnancy but these are no reason why you shouldn't TTC - best of luck with both!!
so_clear Posts: 397
The best of luck with TTC thistle. *)
SpringBride Posts: 406
well done on loosing the weight, once you see it coming off it will motivate you, have u tried weight watchers or anything like that? I did it a few yrs ago and kept the weight off thank God but found group discussions good, if you did get pg they keep an eye on you just as the girls were saying for blood pressure and stuff, don't worry too much about it, dont want to get too stressed and best of luck! :babydust:
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Thistle I got a BFP Friday before last and like you I am obese, but more than you, about 6 stone over weight. AND this is a miracle for us as we were told we only had about a million to one chance of conceiving. So we are delighted but very nervous. I just hope that all is well at the scan. I have myself worried sick!