Obesity & IVF

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Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Ladies, What are your views on this? http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,, ... 94,00.html
Hepburn Posts: 4081
Unless their weight is directly contributing to their fertility issues, I think it is hugely discriminating, and very unfair. To say that a single woman has the right to fertility treatment, but a woman in a loving relationship who is obese has not, is unbelievable.
Sart Posts: 441
[quote]Unless their weight is directly contributing to their fertility issues, quote] it does though. if you're overweight and TTC its the first thing the doc will recommend. Being overweight does make it more difficult to TTC. Do you remember that documentary about 6 irish couples going through IVF called Making Babies?0 One of the couples (from Cork I think) were both obese and the first Cork clinic they went to wouldn't touch them.
nettie07 Posts: 293
I think its a fair, but if your waiting for a kidney or heart transplant there are very strict guidelines for theses pts to adhere to, and weight is one of them. Its also probably a way of selecting people who are suitable canadates for fertility treatment, as nhs probably cant provide treatment for everyone. i dont think there taking about people who are overweight think its people who are obese. Obesity is also disease which i suppose would need sorting before you try fertility treatment. If people are serious about fertility treatment and a couple are obese, it would make a bit of sense about adressing that issue first.
mrs sarah c Posts: 522
I agree that obesity should be tackled first it is for any kind of operation!! I agree singe women should be allowed fertility treatment we are all lucky to have met someone special but what about the women who don't ??they deserve to have children also,
Lucy D Posts: 91
Now this is just my opinion but I would agree with this article I mean how do you know for sure that the obesity isn't what is casuing the person to be infertile and many obese women don't have periods just like if you were on the other end of the scale and anerexic. I mean I think that being in the best of your health should be your nr 1 priorty after all it can shorten you life etc and how would you cope running around after you child not as well as being healthy i would imagine, anyway as I said it just my opinion on it
Brideoftheyear Posts: 156
If you are fat then you are not healthy, simple as that and you should not be allowed have children until you have lost the weight.