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littleloz Posts: 135
Hi all, we have just over 5 months left till our big day and it has literally taken over my mind!! I am forever googling stuff and double checking that I have all necessary got for the wedding. I feel as if I am boring people now when I start talking about it! Just wondering is anyone else feeling the same??? All replies gratefully accepted!!
Lorna Doone Posts: 737
It is an exciting time & easy to get caught up in details. Once you have the main bits sorted, I say sit back & enjoy it. If you feel you're boring people then find a confidante (another bride, your mother) to talk wedding with. I worked with a girl who insisted on talking me through her Big Day spreadsheet every time I passed her desk. I felt like ripping my eyes out. Looking back, I realise she was just targeting the wrong audience! This might sound mad, but I think it's a bit like Christmas. It's everywhere now & I'm ignoring it until Christmas week. That's when the real excitement begins! Maybe apply the same theory to your wedding day?
littleloz Posts: 135
Hi Lorna thanks for your reply. I don't talk constantly about the wedding but it just seems to be on my mind all the time! My brother-in-law to be got married 3 weeks ago and I was on the lookout for ideas even there I just need to take a step back now I think I have all the major stuff done and booked but I feel like I should get as much done as I can in advance. Oh I am such a worrier really. Sorry for the rant prob needed to get it off my chest!!
jewellb Posts: 2389
LL you should post in Old Faithful and you will find lots that have the same concerns !!! You will be surprised how everything just flows on the day and the hotel will have the wedding coordinator making sure all goes to plan !! Hope u have a fab day I wished ever hour was 2 instead of one :-)
littleloz Posts: 135
hi jewellb, Thanks for your reply. Ya I mite put up a post in Old Faithful just to get some other peoples perspective i'm sure others have gone through the same!