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OAT Posts: 2207
My 3 yr old tends to forms obsessions with ''things'' for example he has a school bag and he puts random things i.e things he finds lying around the house, in it and this bag HAS to go everywhere with him including bed, when he's in the bath the bag has to be in the bathroom with him. He'll take a mental note of every single item in the bag and if something goes missing he'll spot it straight away and go crazy til it's returned to the bag. That could go on for a month, then the next month he'll grow attached to something else like an old phone which will be brought everywhere and the next month it'll be something else random... So when I brought DS2 for his 4 mth development check I just happened to mention this to the PHN and she asked all sorts of questions and said she'll get his notes from all his development checks... so she phoned today and said she got the notes and could I bring him in for a chat :eek :eek Does anyone have any idea what she wants to chat about?? Is these attachements normal for a 3 yr old??
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
I don't have any experience with this and may be talking through my hat completely - wasn't even sure if I should post (still not sure TBH) as really don't want to freak you out but I would imagine the PHN is thinking of autism as this obsessive behaviour [b:2ugg0u6t]MAY[/b:2ugg0u6t] be a symptom. However there are alot of other much more obvious symptoms - like speech for example as language skills are often delayed in autistic children. I'm sure it probably isn't and even if it is it's probably way down at the mildest end of the scale if nothing else in his development has been picked up on. Please don't worry and hopefully someone with more experience will give a better response.
vidia Posts: 2960
My 3 year old daughter "HAS" to take a bag to preschool everyday, I really wouldnt worry unneccesarily bout this, kids love routine, familiarity etc! My son has been listening to the same xmas cd to fall asleep for 2 years!!!!!!!! When they start learning carols in school, the teacher will think he has an unbelievable memory!!! Sometimes routine can wreck your head! IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE THE SAME WAY EVERY NIGHT! :o0 :o0 Just another point to note IMO, PHN's can be so bad, I wont even go there!! My GP told me that their PHN told his wife that their child had a brain problem - WTF!!! The childs dad was a doctor and would have spotted it !!! Dont fret, all kids are different and it seems like its a security issue, they all want that!! Hope it all works out xx
funkyfish Posts: 7626
my nephew was like that. obsessive about things. shoes ahd to be velcroed a certain way. would go nuts if they were done wrong. obsessive about showering from about 12 months would stnad and wash for hours if you let him.. turns out he was exceptionally bright... nothing wrong with him at all. and as he got older the obsessivre beh stopped
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
DD1 is a bit like this. Goes around the place with a bag and everything gies into it. As for things needing to be just so. She is especially like this at bedtime. I think we may have started/encouraged it though. Our bedtime routine when she was younger had to be the exact same every night or she wouldnt settle. Only in the last few weeks has she started to relax about things a bit more. She herself abandoned part if the routine so we are just going with her. Not worried about autism and if it's ok for me to say it I think she quite bright!