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darkie27 Posts: 1449
Hi all, Just wondering if anyne else is getting married on the 5th of oct, it would be great to see what you have done so far, i have Church,Priest,venue,video,photos,dress,veil tiara,shoes,band,dj, at the moment sorting out the bm dresses going to get them on line i hope and im also thrying to get the music and flowers sorted finding it hard. No one told me when you get engaged you have to become an expert in everything........but i know it will be all worth it when i walk up the aisle to my h2b[url=http://www.TickerFactory.com/] [img:2gxxdiqa]http://tickers.TickerFactory.com/ezt/d/4;10716;0/st/20071005/e/wedding/dt/5/k/2930/event.png[/img:2gxxdiqa] [/url]
darkie27 Posts: 1449
Is there nobody getting married in October?????????????????????
misfitz Posts: 370
Hi Darkie27 im the day after you, there is a few of us around we just been quite lately. I have organised church, reception, dress, bm dresses, flowers, band & DJ, photographer. Not doing anymore till spring summer time so i can take it easy for a while. Looking at honeymoon at the mo trying to get a few prices.
Heebie Jeebies Posts: 608
Hi Girls, I'm a bit later - 26th October. So far we have organised: venue, church, priest, band, DJ, videographer, photographer, hair, make-up, florist, cake & church music. Not having favours and going with standard hotel table centre-pieces (single long stemmed rose & fat church candle), hotel also provides chair covers & bows. We're making our own invitations/booklets & menus and I'm going wedding dress shopping on 10th Feb, so everything seems to be falling into place pretty well so far :wv
waffy Posts: 410
I'm the fifth!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll cannot wait for the big day!! have the church, hotel, band, photographer booked going dress shopping this weekend next on the list is the honeymoon and transport and flowers and dj so chilled out about it though, no point in panicking!!
darkie27 Posts: 1449
Hi Waffy Its cool to know we have the same wedding day.I not really panicking but sometimes i read other messages and oh my God they have so much done that I start to panic but yea your right, lets just enjoy every moment of it cant wait for the big day O-O :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Mrs Hoot Posts: 135
freenajean Posts: 64
Hi Shorty You are the day before me and you are putting me to shame. I have the essentials done like church, priest, hotel, band & DJ and Hair. SIL doing photos. H2Bs family doing church flowers. I am also going with the Hotels table arangements(They said I can choose). No dress yet. Getting BM dresses on the 27th.. Its all go.
darkie27 Posts: 1449
*Muffin* Posts: 7243
YAY....I'm the 6th too!!!! Day after you Darkie, but nice to see there is a couple of us about...I'll tell you what I haven't done. Any paperwork...at all. NONE. Band Bridesmaid, Flowergirl, Pageboy get ups. Flowers (got my dress yesterday!!)