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322011 Posts: 46
Hi, I am getting married on the 24th of October 08, any more october 08 brides out there! How are your plans going?
MrsG2b Posts: 1458
Hi there I cannot believe that we are now under a year until the wedding. To be honest I am starting to freak out a bit!! The only thing was that I was at home this year on the actual date of the wedding and the weather was fantastic so I am hoping that I will be saying the same thing this time next year! Any other October 2008 brides out there??
mrs08 Posts: 1220
count me in *) have good few things done now -church -hotel -cars -photographer -band -church music -pre marriage course booked -have cake consultation in 3 weeks time -first dress appointment early december -seeing travel agent tomorrow about HM :o)ll :o)ll
MrsG2b Posts: 1458
I need to sort out the pre marriage course - I want to have it booked by Xmas and completed by April. Do you know if you can send you announcement to the State now or does it have to be nearer the date? I know it has to be done 3 months before but that is a really busy time in work for both of us so I would like to get it off the list now if possible.
mrs08 Posts: 1220
my pre-marriage course is for april, it was the earliest they could give us. not sure about notification to State at all?! :-8 maybe someone else could point us in the right direction??? :thnk
Tibby Posts: 346
Hi guys. Im 2nd oct. MUST start saving!!!!. :wv :wv :wv
mrs08 Posts: 1220
I'm all ideas and saving plans...!! Once I can stick to it :o0
goblyn Posts: 796
27th October 2008 Venue Booked Church Booked Band Booked Photographer thats it gotten lazy now, know I need to do dress next but I'm starting to dread it, hate trying on clother "grump"
sundance Posts: 147
I am getting married on the 23rd October 2008, in Faithlegg House in Waterford and it looks like the changes have come in and we should be able to have our ceremony in the hotel. I have the hotel booked and a DJ picked but have nothing else done will start to concentrate on things after Christmas. Will have to seriously start saving.
CountryLass Posts: 370
Sundance Snap! I'm the 23rd October aswell. Have hotel, photographer (friend), church, cake(aunt), band, dj all sorted, going with 2 of my BM's tonight to organise their dresses (we are getting them made, I know I'm early but one of them lives abroad and need to get it sorted while she is home) Have looked at dresses but haven't found "The One" yet, have seen a few I like but going wait till after christmas before i go looking again. wanna try loose some weight first!