October 2009 babies

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earthangel Posts: 269
Hello everyone :wv just got my bfp at the weekend and am still in shock :o0 i am so delighted and excited :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll i am due on 7th october.... anyone else due in october? *)
theoracle Posts: 7664
Congratulations! Wishing you happy and healthy nine months!
angelellie Posts: 231
Congrats. wishing you a happy and healthy 9 mths. can't believe there's a Oct Babies post already!
greenandred Posts: 318
Hi there, I just got my BFP to-day and I am due on Oct 4th! I can't believe it...my head is spinning .... :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
sunsparks Posts: 2196
Congrats girls! Can't believe there's an October thread already.
chloe100 Posts: 97
Congratulations Girls!! I'm a October '08 Mum and just wanted to wish you all a happy and healthy 9 months
earthangel Posts: 269
thanks for your best wishes. you are very good to post. :thnk i cant believe im even posting in pregnancy and babies let alone in the october thread :o0 its just so exciting.....i want to tell everyone. its such a big secret to keep for 12 weekS!! thank god i have here :o0 hi greenandred...congratulations on your bfp!! we are due the same week!! have you any symptoms yet?
spanish mum Posts: 2468
congratulations both of you!! you have a great time ahead of you! Enjoy! :thnk
Elkie Posts: 127
Hi girls This is my first post since planning our wedding in Aug 07. Did my test early cos had a good feeling and positive yay! Due date Oct 4th also greenandred! Have first appt with doc on Monday.... Can't wait to tell my Mam but think for DH's sake should keep it our own little secret for a couple of weeks at least. I'm afraid I'm going to let it slip though...
dreamer Posts: 3941
Can't believe there is an October thread!!! Just popped it to wish ye all the very best and huge CONGRATS!! :o)ll :o)ll