October 2015

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MrsGS Posts: 65
So it's officially less than 3 months until I get married and I cannot wait! However, I am starting to get really nervous that I am forgetting to do something really important! although I'm sure that's normal! So with 3 months to go fellow Oct brides what have you left to do? xx
aoife85 Posts: 1
Hey! I'm the same, not long now! I've all the main things done, band, venue, dress, photographer and make up sorted. Invites went 2 weeks ago so that's another thing! Still to get bridesmaid dress, hair stylist (not sure what to do!) and flowers- struggling with these 3 which is why I've left them till now! Still haven't even looked at decorating the venue! What about you?
MrsGS Posts: 65
I think I have all the big things sorted. I have someone booked to do my flowers however I have no idea what I want!! I just liked her stuff online and she's local. I got my bridesmaids dresses online and they are perfect. I was really struggling with having to pay about €200 a dress so I took the online chance and thankfully it paid off! I need to think about the church stuff, readings prayers hymns and the like! Oh I'm glad to hear you have your invites sent, I am writing mine this week to send them but people keep telling me it's too early!
Kazzam Posts: 42
Me too - it's getting so close!! The main things I've left to do are the suits (suggested to my H2B to wait until after the Debs as there may be a sale on the new season stock?), start sending out the wedding invites and I'm getting my dress made so that's still in the process. Everything else that's left is really only a preference as opposed to a necessity. Is anyone having tan trials? I'm thinking I should start that soon but I know nothing about tan!! So if anyone has any advice, would love to hear :)
ashford Posts: 30
Hi girls! Another October bride here! I have all the major things done, just some minor bits and pieces left like ties for the guys, page boy outfits, jewellery etc so think I am on top of things!! Kazzam you were wondering about a tan trial... I think that is a really good idea especially if you are not used to getting tan done or its a salon you haven't tried before. I'm not getting tan as I am covered up with the dress but I know other friends of mine have gotten a trial just to make sure they were happy with the colour etc... Its getting close now, so exciting :yelrotflmaosmilie:
mrsktobe1 Posts: 19
Hi, another october bride!! i have all the major bits done(i hope),had all the lads suits fitted today so that the last of the big bits to do, have to go to the priest next week to organize prayers/songs etc then can finally do mass booklets. have hair/makeup trial week after next and meal tasting middle of august. i feel like i've nearly all done except to send out invites (which will be middle of august). i feel like i'm to prepared and somethings going to go wrong!!! :eek hope all your planning is going well, getting super excited!! :o)ll :)
Louthdudes Posts: 67
Sorry to gate crash your thread - I'm December- but wondering where you got your page boy outfits Ashford? Thank you!
ashford Posts: 30
Hi Louthdudes, I'm not doing a suit for my pageboys so am planning on getting them shirts and bowties from an English website Rocco and chinos from Next with a pair of converse or something similar... I don't have anything bought yet, it's on this weeks list though!! :)
Mrsflynn2be Posts: 31
Hi all! Another October 2025 bride here! Same as all of you - have most things sorted but stil some small things to do, flowers, church music, mass booklet etc! We have yet to book our honeymoon. We will be going first week in October for 1/2 weeks. We would like some sun for some / all of the honeymoon! Unsure where to go - where are all of you going??
MrsGS Posts: 65
We won't be going on honeymoon until March for a couple of different reasons. 1. We can't really afford a big honeymoon after the wedding so we waited so we'll have extra money and can do it properly. 2. I can only take 3 weeks in total off work at any one time and I've friends coming from Oz so want to be around after the wedding with them so didn't want to fly out straight away. 3. I'm sure we are going to be completely depressed after the wedding so at least we'll haev something to look forward to! The week after the wedding we are going to Cork for 2 nights and the following week we go to Faithlegg for 2 nights, the long weekend we go to stay in Killarney for 2 nights so we'll have plenty of away time!! For actually honeymoon we are doing 3 weeks in America, almost 2 weeks in Cali, 4 nights in Vegas, 4 nights in NYC. Can't wait!!