Octomum on Oprah

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im waiting Posts: 2727
DId anyone else see the episode where Octomom was on Oprah? It was repeated yesterday and I was clued to it. I don't know much about the whole story with her only that she had 8 babies after having another 6 so she has 14 children altogether at the moment. She seems a little out of control and not a fit mum. I feel sorry for all 14 children but I never disliked her, but more amazed that she could carry those 8 babies without one of them suffering. After watching the episode of Oprah yesterday I discovered that she HATED by the Americans, absolutely HATED!!!! Yes she couldnt affored the 6 that she already had but decided to go again and had another 8 unexpectedly. She seems to be a liar, from what I gathered, she wasnt spending the money on the welfare of her children but I couldnt really listen to it properly as my 2 were chatting away and kept interupting the programme. ( I never watch daytime tv but when I saw this I had to watch it) Some American lady stepped in and took care of her finances and sorted it all out for her, she was giving dogs abuse to Octomum (sorry I dont know her name). But it was like Octomum stepped back and took it all like a defenceless little girl. But at the same time, it was like she was trying to come across as if she was all innocent and never did anything wrong. She was asked "if you could turn back time, would you have had those 8 babies". That is the most hardest question to ask a mum, how cold she answer that?!!!!!! Okay she may have alot of tough days but she also has good days or moments where her babies make her smile, make her feel so special and loved, how could she possibly wish she didnt have them if she could turn back time. But she answered the question and she said " if I knew then, what I know now, then I wouldnt have had them" now she didnt say it as easy as that. She really did not want to say that but it was like she was forced to say it because America wanted her to say it because they detest her. Apparently she is like a drug addict looking for her next fix but instead of being a drug addict, she is addicted to having babies! This is what she said herself, I believe that this is possible. She once had 4 nannys and now has 1. She apparently isnt on any benefits and only had $300 to her name during this programme. Anyway I wont go into the ins and outs of it but [b:zh0k8zh4]have I missed something?[/b:zh0k8zh4] Why is she so hated? I personally feel sorry for her. I do think she isnt all there and of course she isnt coping! Imagine having to take care of 14 children on your own who are all under the age of 9!!!!! :eek She made a mistake purposely having another after having 6 already which turned out to be another 8, but people make mistakes and she has to live with that "mistake" everyday so I don't think she deserves to get slated and hated the way she is.... but of course thats only my opinion But maybe I have missed something, what do you think ?
twinbambinos Posts: 3492
I watched it aswell im waiting and was fascinated by it..I really think she is not the full shiling though..She seems to say what she thought they wanted her to say and kept triping her self up with the lies..Like you I wast sure of the full story only that she had 8kids after having 6 already and I could never understand why she would have more kids having had 6 but having seen the show yesterday I really think the girl has issues ! I hated the woman that was on wiht her ( the financial woman) as she was just show boating if you ask me..I mean seriously if she said "girlriend"one more time I was going to scream think even Oprah was getting annoyed by her. When she asked her that question about if she could turn back the clock would she not have the 8 kids I honestly thought she badgered her into answering her. I really felt as if "octomum" said what she said because she thought it was what she was suppose to say...she was like a child sitting there being scolded at times!! I think the american public hate her becuase they think she is on welfare ( which I don't think she is) and had more kids to screw the system and because who really understand anyone wanting more kids and having to go throuhg ivf when you have 6 already and especially 6 kids that you cant afford to keep !! How she ended up having 8kids is beyond me...would love to know how many embroys she had transfered back because I seriously think the clinic that she attended should be made answer some serious questions as to their ethics but thats another topic for another day. I actually felt sorry for her but more so for her kids...im sure we shall see them on some reality show soon :duh:
im waiting Posts: 2727
Yeh I thought that financial woman was a right B***!!!!! I did feel so sorry for Octomum because it was like she was cornered by bullies, but instead she had an audience of them!!!! I agree that she definetly has issues and I definetly feel sorry for the kids because I can only imagine what they go through on a daily basis. I only have 2 and they get to witness some of my wrath on a regular basis but to have 14, my heart really goes out to them. Their is nothing she or anyone can do about her having 14 children but to step in and help her out, well help the kids out really as they are the ones that will suffer if the American people dont step in and help them out whether it be with clothing, food or Education. Apparently she gave up her car, she doesnt get any benefits as she doesnt want the Americans to think she's sponging off the state and if she can manage without it, then fair play to her. Id imagine she only makes money from being who she is and selling her story about her life to the papers etc. Having 14 children to parent alone, would certainly send you around the bend but she was basically ripped apart on Oprah, everything about her was talked about her, her lips, her finances, how insecure one of her daughters and one of her sons are. Apparently one of the girls pulls out their eyelashes because she hates them as she gets teased at school. Her son apparently has the same lips as her even though they look like their enhanced!!!!! It was revealed that she exerices during the night to keep in shape. Is that actually anyones business, if she wants to look and feel good, so be it. Its her body, it doesnt effect anyones life! If she has enough energy to exercise during the night, then so be!!!!! The Americans have very little to worry about if they actually detest this woman and look down on her for taking care of her appearance
Sodapop Posts: 3220
I didn't see the Orpah interview but I saw her documentary. Didn't she say that 8 more babies was a bit much but she does love them all, that it can get over whelming at times but she doesn't regret it and loves them all with all her heart (some tabloid magazine tried to make out like she said it was a total regret and she hates them all !!). I agree she is not the full shilling alright - seems very childlike herself. But boy is she ever so calm - she was sitting on the bed holding 2 babies, with all the others on the bed (it was a massive bed) and all the other kids running around screaming and crying - she didn't even flintch - she just sat there and remained calmed telling the other kids to please keep it down. I would have been screaming - her house is like a creche - I could not cope - she deserves a medal! Her name is Nadia Suleman.
Roxanne Posts: 3201
I was in the middle of fertility treatment when these babies were born and I asked the midwife at one of my appointments what the general feeling was in the clinic about it. She said they all felt that whoever treated that woman should be struck off and jailed, they thought it was absolutely monstrous to transfer eight embryos. I can't imagine how this was allowed, it's not considered best practice in IVF at all - the maximum transferred in Irish clinics would be three, and the one I attended wouldn't transfer more than two. The risks of serious health issues for the babies in a multiple birth are great, increasing dramatically with the number of babies. And although I didn't see the Oprah interview, anything I've read or seen about this woman leads me to believe she has serious mental health issues. Whatever 'doctor' allowed her to become pregnant with eight babies was an unscrupulous, amoral, fame-hungry Frankenstein, in my opinion. Why isn't he/she being berrated on Oprah?? As for the attitude of the American people towards her - I do find Americans are a lot more freaked out generally by big families than we are! I was talking to an American friend about someone I know who is the youngest of nine and she was absolutely horrified that anyone could be so selfish as to inflict nine offspring on an already over-populated planet. She insisted you couldn't possibly have enough time to care for or love nine children properly. I guess it's a cultural difference based on what you're used to...