Odd bridal party numbers

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tmbride Posts: 15
Hey all So I posted a few weeks ago about my MOH pulling out of my wedding party now her sister has followed her, totally devastated over this but they have made up there minds and that's that. Now I've the problem of odd numbers in the bridal party we have 4 groomsmen and 2 bridesmaids!! My other half is now wanting to ask one of the lads step down which I can't do as I'd be heartbroken If id been asked to be apart of someone's wedding then told I can't be. He also said about asking another girl to be bridesmaid as we have a flower girl so least won't look as odd with another bridesmaid this I also can't do, as everyone I could ask knows I have had a falling out with the other 2 girls and wouldn't want them thinking am just asking to make up numbers. Just looking for a bit of advice what to do really I don't want to be hurting anyone's feelings. All I care about is we have who we love standing up with us but my partner and his mum think it's stupid looking for walking down the aisle and dancing. Anyone else been in this situation...
Lutterworth Posts: 38
I have seen odd bridal party numbers and it looked fine. One wedding a while ago had one bridesmaid as bride had one sister and two groomsmen as groom had two brothers, it looked totally fine. I can't remember who walked down the aisle with who or who danced with who but it didn't raise a fuss that there wasn't even numbers. I would just go with what you have rather than trying to backfill in people!
Anfieldbabe8 Posts: 116
I had 2bm & 3 gm and the photos look lovely,my brothers girlfriend got up and danced with him for first dance and two of the lads linked my sister walking back down. I didn't want anyone else so we went with it & I was glad I hadn't asked someone just for the sake of it. If you have a flower girl just get two of the lads to walk back down the aisle either her or have 2 gm walk each bm back down & then have their partners or friends dance for first dance. Don't feel under pressure to ask someone just to confirm as that generally works out worse for people. Lots of girls have come on saying they wished they hadn't asked such and such just for the sake of it. Stick with what you have. Sorry to hear that you fell out with your other 2bms, hope it's resolvable.
littl_miss_sunshine Posts: 24
We are having 2 bridesmaids& 4 groomsmen. My hubby to be was set on the 4 guys and as I have more close friends that are male I wasn't going to ask other girls to make up the numbers- we just wanted our closest friends as part of the bridal party. Each of the girls will link 2 guys walking down the aisle and I don't think the dancing will be a big deal. Just have who you want beside you on your special day
MissyM67 Posts: 337
Sorry to hear that about people pulling out on you!! Don't worry about the numbers. I wouldn't ask him to ask anyone to step down, but what you could do is maybe just have 2 up on the alter and 2 sitting down..
notthebride Posts: 172
OP really dont stress about it. Its not a big deal. I have a best man and 3 bridesmaids! My son is giving me away so after the ceremony he will wal back with 2 bridesmaids and the best man with the other one. Now we may not have the space for the 3 to walk together but to be honest its not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things!
Munstermolly Posts: 100
We had 2 bridesmaids and 1 bestman. The photos are great and at no stage do it look odd , anything goes in my opinion . As for the first dance etc we didn't do a bridesmaid / bestman dance . It was myself and my husband for the first dance then our 2 children came in for our family song then everyone on the dance floor .
tmbride Posts: 15
Thank you all for the reply's i myself think the same as all you no point stressing over it and just go with the flow and the end of the day as long as we get married thats all that matters. Love the idea of no bridesmaid dance and getting our sons up to dance with us after our 1st dance and then getting everyone to join in with us with their partners. Now just to convince the mother in law...