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Snuddles Posts: 70
woke up last night at about 4 and my back had gone into spasm pure pain-anyhow still same at 6 so rang in sick cause im a nurse and i was due to be on a sleepover and to give them plenty of notice to cover me anyhow i was due in at 2 but am feeling so guilty i always feel this way when i ring in sick i hate it :o( :o(
seans missus Posts: 1381
Im the same, feel so guilty but then others girls at work phone in when they have a sniffle. O:| How are you feeling now? :action32
RainbowBright Posts: 1425
Hope you are feeling better soon. I know how you feel - I am out of work now sick for the past 5 weeks and have another 5 in front of me now too. I feel guilty too even though I have had surgery and might need to have a procedure done before I go back to work. They have gotten a temp in to cover me but I still feel bad as I can't give them an exact date when I will be back to work....I told them 8 - 12 weeks. Hope you are feeling better soon - you are a nurse and so you need to be at home when you are sick as you don't need to be helping people in and out of bed. You will only feel worse.