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Mrs Maternal Posts: 268
Hi girls I am off sick today- felt really wrecked yesterday and not myself and got progressively worse as the evening went on - have a bed cough and my throat and chest are killing me......just feel like sh**e today. Should i go into the doctor? Like can they give me something for it - I don't think i am supposed to take cought medicinces from the chemist but not sure....I am a mess - then hormones kicked in at 5 when hubby was going to work and was crying like a baby :o( - just from pure exhaustion i would say as hadnt slept all night. Should i go in to doctors- i took a paracetamol at 6 and it eased my throat a bit but still not feeling great. Sorry but not really sure what to do - my head is away with it at the minute!
MrsOBrien1412 Posts: 3971
Sorry you're not feeling well chick I'd say just head to the docs just to see if there is anything they can give you and as soon as you get home maybe have a nice hot bath or shower and then snuggle down in bed, mind yourself x