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*gone* Posts: 4785
... what are the thoughts?? Did anyone choose one for their wedding? If so, where did you purchase? Anyone try them on but choose not to go for them? Opinions please! Thanks! :thnk
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
I tried a couple on in Monsoon and looked at some in Debenhams but don't think I would be going for them. I felt they were more suited to a wedding abroad where you would prefer a simple and light dress or if you weren't into the big dresses. As for me, they didn't feel like a proper dress but I kind of had a picture in my mind as to what I will look like so I was onto a loser from the start even trying them on. Also, the dreses in Monsoon had a lot of lace and I kind of wondered if they needed altering, would I lose the detail at the bottom etc.
clucky Posts: 26471
i did Debenhams - my second dress my first dress i bought on Ebay btu it was too heavy for the malta heat i loveddddddddddddd my dress (although technically it was a 2 piece)
*gone* Posts: 4785
[quote="Clucky":c7134tfg]i did [b:c7134tfg]Debenhams - my second dress[/b:c7134tfg] my first dress i bought on Ebay btu it was too heavy for the malta heat i loveddddddddddddd my dress (although technically it was a 2 piece)[/quote:c7134tfg] Yeah I might have to plan a shopping expedition to Dublin, as they don't stock bridal dresses in Debenhams in Cork ... and if they do, can someone correct me here?! Was looking on the website this morning and they seemed lovely ... if we do go abroad, I don't want to spend a fortune on a big heavy dress that I'll be baking in for the day.
Mrs plaza Posts: 3031
sis in law bought debenhams dress even though i don't like her and wore cream to her wedding in spite >:o) ( she's a right auld whore and booked her wedding after we announced ours , the jealous bint !!!) she looked great in it , you'll never know til you try them on !
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Hey Cheshire, Depends on what you want. Most of the ones i've seen are not the trad A line full length but more tea length or figure skimming full length. (hope that makes sense!) I think there are lovely dresses in Monsoon, M&S has a new range, Debenhams also have some. You can checkout their websites for some pics. My boss got a lovely Monsoon dress in the sales just after she got engaged and it was gorgeous. To be honest unless you are a bride2be you wouldn't have known it was monsoon at all. I have my eye on one in Monsoon now but seeing as we're not actually engaged yet i'm holding off for the moment. edited to add: some do think they are more suited to informal weddings/weddings abroad. Remember though it depends on what suits you and what you want. Always worth a look !!!