Off to New York 2moro-worried about flying

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july7812 Posts: 1787
Girls, Im off to New York in the morning and Im just a bit worried about flying. Im going away with my mam & 14 other girls - haven't told anyone Im preg so cant pull out of it. Just wondering is there much of a risk - I just over 5 wks preg. Thanks :thnk
baby08 Posts: 181
i flew long haul when i was 5 weeks pregnant too and had no problems with the 11 hours flight. make sure you buy flight socks, lots of water and get up and walk around a lot. The biggest risk is of getting a DVT.
hopefullysoon Posts: 67
If it was me id go and try not worry about it, I know its a long flight but try and walk around as much as possible to keep the blood circulating, also think of just how many people who are pregnant and are flying all over the world and nothing ever happens them. Go away and enjoy yourself as its probably the last chance your gonna get to ha ha :xxx
july7812 Posts: 1787
Thanks girls - was just worried about the risk of M/C - have had 4 already so hoping things work out this time. Will pick up some support tights & make sure I have loads of water with me & move around loads. Thanks again. :thnk
dovedro Posts: 1295
Hi july7812 Very sorry to hear about your miscarriages Maybe ask for/pay for extra leg room as I did this when travelling at 12 weeks so I could stretch my legs out. I also walked every 20 mins or so and kept my legs moving. I bought the travel socks, I'm not sure if support tights are the same? Best of luck and enjoy the trip :wv
fantac Posts: 4109
hi there i flew at 5 weeks - just a 4 hr one - did the socks thing, lots of water and plenty of moving around. then went to nyc at 13 weeks and again, was fine - ask for an aisle seat and move around loads, the difference in my feet etc after the longer flight was quite pronounced. oh and make sure you have EXCELLENT travel ins! enjoy!!
lambnose Posts: 915
I have researched this before and I really don't think there is any risk. I flew at 8 weeks and I have just flown again for 4 and a half hours last week at 12 weeks. I am not worried to be honest as had scan today and everything was grand. During my last pregnancy I flew four times as well and babs turned out fine. Don't worry and enjoy your trip! :lvs