Offers on baby supplies - should I buy? Are they worth it?

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Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
Saw Tesco are doing 2 for 1 on baby wipes at the moment, they're about 3.69 a pack. Is it worth buying these or is that a good offer? Do newborns need particular ones or are Johnsons Baby Wipes standard fine? I have heard of other people around my stage starting to buy things which is why I ask!!!!! Does anyone know how much nappies, wipes etc cost up the north and is it cheap enough that the offers here aren't that good....or what should I do? I just don't know if these offers are ho-hum there'll be another one next week / the north still works out cheaper, or if this or some other offers are "oh wow, grab it while you can!"
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
With the likes of wipes and nappies and stuff these offers are on almost every 2nd week! Up to each individual person when they start to buy! Just don't buy too much cos you don't know how babs will react to certain products! Can tell you that I didn't buy anything until about 3 weeks ago! Bought 1 pack of the pampers newborn size 1 (50ish in pack) Getting 3 packs of the size 2 from SIL which her baby has grown out of, Got 2 packs of Johnsons wipes for sensitive skin - BOGOF Got 1 pack of Aldi wipes just to try and ended up using for h2b's niece and sending home with her! Have to buy some cotton wool! Will be using just water and cotton wool for a while anyway! Will also pick up a bottle of the baby shampoo and possibly some kind of bath lotion? Heard someone lately saying they got the one with the lavender scent for her DD and it's really made a difference to getting her to sleep quicker! Might try that but don't want to use anything that's going to be harsh on babs skin!
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
My instinct would be not to buy anything yet, but I'm just wondering what offers are so good that you simply must...and what offers are nothing special.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Those offers are on fairly regularly, GB. I only use wipes on DD when we're out and about as they're more convenient, but at home I just use warm water and cotton wool as it's better for her skin. Even the wipes for sensitive skin have quite a lot of alcohol and other harsh products in them. For bath time, I found J&J products really drying on her skin (which I guess is why they try to get you to buy the moisturiser too). I bought a big tub of Aqueous Cream instead and add this to her bath, and her skin is always super soft.
shobie Posts: 1437
I stocked up on the BOGOF offers on nappies before dd was born, we still have some and she is nearly 3 months old! Everyone laughed at me but it was def worth stocking up when they were on offer. Tesco have a BOGOF on Pampers neewborn nappies this week thats great value. Didnt buy any babywipes as they seem to e on offer every week and we just used cotton wool and water for the first month. The Huggies wipes are the very same as cotton wool and water so thats what we are using now, very gently on her skin. We also found the JJ products very drying on here skin so tried Infasil which seems to suit her. Good luck whatever you decide!
Jeidi Posts: 3128
I'm waiting till after my 20 weeks scan, in two weeks time before I start buying things.. but when I do, I'll get the labour and hospital bag stuff, and the Quinny Buzz. After that it'll just be bits and pieces, but overall am deffo planning on stocking up.
sandym Posts: 774
those offers are always on..there'll be plenty more chances to sock up on things :compress
tiggeriffic Posts: 547
i find these things are on offer at least once a month and often more often in Dunnes anyway. Be careful not to buy too much cos babs could react to some toiletries. My son had bad skin and soap irritated it so just used eucerin in his bath and debtinox on his skin. I find the wipes dry out in the packets if left for more than a few months
rushinbride Posts: 1097
i've bought only enough newborn nappies to get me through the first week, as for baby wipes DS had a reaction to every single wipe going, in particular the so called sensitive wipes - I react to these myself, as a few others said cotton wool and water for as long as practical, and these offers are on in one supermarket or another nearly every wk, also you'll find chemists do offers on wipes as well very regularly...i'd suggest only buying enough nappies for the first few wks...and if you decide to buy wipes just a few pks, as you don't know how your baby will react to them, I wouldn't use any bath products on the baby until its a few wks old really, they don't get dirty and again these products can cause massive reactions as well... Thats no help really is it?? If you skip this offer - there'll be another 10 over the next few mths!!
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
Thanks girls, that makes sense. I always planned to wait until after the 20 week scan before thinking about any purchases (or names for that matter!) so think I will do that. If babies can react to some products then it doesn't make sense to stock up - shame though as it would have been handy to go up the north to get lots of stuff, can't really do that with a new baby! But we can still get all the furniture, buggy, bits of clothing and stuff between 20 and 40 weeks and just enough nappies and things to get us started.