oh girls what do i do now

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mrs donegalbride1 Posts: 73
i am a long time poster but cant log in for some reason, short history, we have a 4 year old daughter, got married may last year, and had a healthy baby boy in april this year....... and the bomb is :eek just done a test and i am pregnant again, :ooh :ooh not planned and i really dont know what to do laugh or cry or both think i need to cry how will i ever cope :o(
CCAF Posts: 502
Congratulations!!!!!!!! Have a little weep and then be happy....if you go over to ttc you will see how many girls would want to be in your position!! Good luck :thnk
petunia Posts: 1626
congrats!! once its sunk in, hopefully it'll be easier take! No doubt it must be daunting at the moment but best of luck to you and your dh! I hope all goes well for ye!
Emme Posts: 4735
Everyone always seems to cope but you poor thing! Have a great healthy nine months!
Beaubelle Posts: 741
Hi there! At the moment you're still in shock you poor thing, so things won't seem clear.... As pander said, have a good cry, and maybe a snooze.... Things really will seem better once it sinks in. In 9 months time you'll have a beautiful new arrival and you will forget that you felt like this.... I know it must be tough being pregnant again so soon, but at least you will have everything from your first 2 pregnancies! hope you feel better and congrats... It really is wonderful news :lvs :lvs
Mrs..D Posts: 1741
I can only imagine the shock hun, but once it subsides just remember a baba is always a blessing, even if the timing is a little off!! Hope you're ok anyway :thnk
mrs donegalbride1 Posts: 73
shock is nothing my hands are still shaking but i happy, husband will be home at nine so i will tell him, that will be fun he will be over the moon. thank you all for your kind words :thnk
frangipani Posts: 1543
i imagine it must have been some fright to get initially, but things happen for a reason and i'm sure it will all work out for the best. wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy in the coming months!
brightling Posts: 1496
Congrats, thats really lovely!! I had over 3 yrs between my dd1 and ds and then got pregnant straight away! Big shock, told DH by text cos couldnt even say it out loud!! Anyway to see them now is just the cutest thing ever, younger 2 are soooo close, best little buddies and dd1 is like a little mammy to them both. In my experience it was definitely easier cos I was still in a nappy/ bottle/ crawling stage with ds when dd2 arrived. Another addition to your little family, enjoy!!
mumsy2 Posts: 62
i thinks theres always an initial shock when you get a BFP planned or unplanned and then it gradually sinks in. we were trying since ds was 5 -6 months and it still hadn't happened when 3 months later by the time iwent back to work . got AF 2 days before i went back to work and by the end of the month all from one night of passion (only once we dtd that month) i got pregnant- it was totally unexpected cos i'd kinda given up on trying that month and going with the flow- i just couldn't believe and was in shock for weeks and until i have my 12 week scan next week it won't be real to me- still not convinced i'm pregnant. theres a reason for everything and this was meant to happen to you as one of the previous posters said- news of new life is terrific and well done for giving us another new life. best of luck for a healthy 9 months- you'll be grand- you'll be well able to deal with it