Oh My God I'm massive today!!!!

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im waiting Posts: 2727
No exaggeration, you swear I was ready to pop today and I'm only 14 weeks!!!! If you seen me you'd definetly know I was in the family way. I think I'll be hitting the fruit and water diet for the next few days, not that I mind getting a bump but I wouldn't call it a bump I'd call it a BELLY! My H2Bs in shock at the sight of me!!!! I hope it's just bloatedness because if this is what I'm going to be at 14 weeks I think they'll be rolling me into the hospital come labour day :o0 Anyone else feeling the same
lollyfp Posts: 2441
Hi, Don't worry too much. I felt bigger at 11 weeks than I did at 16 weeks so it changes a lot! It may be bloatedness. I just feel fat and thick around the middle right now, no real rounded bump yet!!! We're all so different xxx :wv
babs76 Posts: 1000
I was huge at 11 weeks...now when i saw "huge" I thought I was anyway, my DH bless him thought i was tiny! but it went down again around 13 weeks and is coming back again now that I'm 16 weeks. I know bloating is very common around this time so try not to worry and dont hit that "water and fruit" dies just yet