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Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
What other websites do you all use to pass the time? I would normally use overheardindublin.com, or entertainment.ie but I've been on them already today!! Plus work have lots of firewalls so I can't get onto the likes of facebook etc. There's nothing going on here in work today and I'm trying to look busy!
2009 Bride Posts: 990
I know exactly how you feel, I'm in no form to do anything at work today! Verrry Bored!!
LMR Posts: 1925
Obviously you'll only enjoy these if you like laughing at celebs. I also go on wikipedia when I'm bored and read the plots of films I'm never going to see. It passes the time!!
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
Thank you LMR :thnk
Mammyof2Princesses Posts: 3745
is a good one for soaps spoilers!
Enchantress Posts: 1509
[quote="dublin-bride":3daeqasw]www.digitalspy.co.uk is a good one for soaps spoilers![/quote:3daeqasw] Great website!! I love them spoilers!!! :wv
Mrstobe10 Posts: 1793
what jobs do ye have - I dont have a min in work to spare!
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
[quote="bridezilla09":1xxol7by]what jobs do ye have - I dont have a min in work to spare![/quote:1xxol7by] Ah that'd be telling!!