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YoMammaSo Posts: 3256
oh my god girls! Im ready to cry :eek Was anyone jsut listening to colm hayes on 2fm? He has kind of taken over from Gerry Ryan as in people ring in with their problems. Someone rang in and called themselves " Nikita" and it was a 33 year old man and he sounded distressed and was talking about how he wanted to become a woman, He has had these feelings for years and was there anyone out there who could help him- god love him But then, you could hear someone bursting into the room in the background shouting " Hey what is going on ? ive people ringing me saying your on the radio like What the Fuck. . . . ." Then the line went dead and colm was speachless and cut to a break and a song and when he came back said i dont know what happened to the line there but we are also very worried about Nikita and are trying to get back in contact !!!!!!!! :o(
MrsWoggle Posts: 1793
NO freaking way....and 2fm is on out in reception...that's awful!
YoMammaSo Posts: 3256
SWEAR TO GOD and i know ringing up a radio show is bringing attention on yourself and i even thought that when i heard him talking that he would be recognised. But god love him all he wanted was help i hope he's ok
Elban26 Posts: 2458
Oh God, that's awful. God help that poor man, hope he will be ok.
Doll Face Posts: 3721
Jesus that sounds mad !! i hope hes ok,the poor man obviously has alot of issues he needs to deal with.
YoMammaSo Posts: 3256
initially i thought it was a wind up but then there not gonna be F'n and blindin on 2 fm