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trance Posts: 3129
There's a flippin mouse in the kitchen. Oh it's horrible I hate little things scuttling round, I feel all creeped out. I think my principles might have to go out the window and we'll have to kill him!! Or does anyone know where I can get a humane trap?
gottabfp Posts: 5641
oh kill it, they are dirty f u c k ers ! oh i have the heebies even thinking about them!
trance Posts: 3129
:o0 :o0 It's horrible, I'm too scared to go into my own kitchen now, if he comes into the front room I'm checking into a flippin hotel for the night till hubby has gotten rid of him!!
happyfiance Posts: 317
Please don't kill him!!! It's a cruel way, it really hurts the little mouse and they die in agony :o( You can get humane traps in B&Q only €5 :)
gottabfp Posts: 5641
oh ive often booked into a hotel due to a mouse. ive a horrible fear of them. god love you hope hubby catches it soon.
Jawl Posts: 8881
I'd probably move back to my mams :o0
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
Just remember that they rarely travel alone!
von2008 Posts: 207
ok please don't kill him! this works really well and is humane, my sis has used it a few times in her apartment. get an empty plastic drinks bottle (2litre) and put bits of food in it, scraps of meat is the best or anything that smells strongly. lay it on the floor near a cupboard or somewhere you think he might come out from. he'll go into the bottle, eat the food and get too fat to come out! you have to take him over a mile away to set him free though! it really is a very easy trap and safe too. hope you catch the guy, i hate mice but just can't kill them at all :o)ll
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
get a trap with peanut butter. then when all are caught (can be up to 12 in family) stuff even the smallest hole with wire wool. they cant bight through it
Groovy-Chick Posts: 2383
O no you poor thing! I hate them as well, haven't seen one now in ages tho since we got a cat....havent seen any big spiders either come to think of it! Please dont let me have jinxed myself...