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gogglebox Posts: 910
I don't believe it... DH and I have been looking at booking a holiday for ages, and done nothing about it. Today I got some inspiration... let's do a cruise! It seemed like the perfect solution, relaxing when we want, up and going when we want, but no... it's all been shattered today as I just called them to ask how late I can travel on a cruise and it's 24 weeks!! Needless to say it's a non-starter as I'm 24 weeks this weekend, and we were looking to go away in Sept/Oct :o0 I'm really disappointed now as I thought we'd found the perfect holiday. We wanted somewhere easy, and somewhere that I could relax if I wanted, and DH go and do things if he wanted to be more energetic than me. Back to the drawing board... O:|
mama2E Posts: 670
Ouch gogglebox thats a pity. I'm sure you'll get somewhere equally as nice! Lucky duck!
gogglebox Posts: 910
Yeah, hopefully we'll get something just as nice, but it was the thought of the ease of the cruise that made it seem perfect! Anyone got any suggestions for an 'easy' holiday that DH can still go off and do things if I don't want to? Pref somewhere with a bit of nice weather in Oct too... sick of this awful summer we're having!!!
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
Why can't ya go on a cruise after 24weeks? Is it the policy of the cruise co or ur doctor?
gogglebox Posts: 910
It's the policy of the cruise company. The girl said if anything happened at sea, they've not got the medical know how on board to deal with it. I can understand... at least on a flight you're going to land in a few hours, but you could be at sea for 2 days and if something happened, I guess it mightn't be good. Some cruise liners allow you to go later but not the big boys... they are all around 23-24 weeks :o( We decided to bring the holiday forward a bit and try and go in a few weeks, but still we'll 'miss the boat' so to speak!
rushinbride Posts: 1097
take it as a sign googlebox...similar happened us back in june/july, we were going to book a last minute deal to portugal, i was 25wks and would have turned 26 - 2 days into the holiday, well i was literally handing over the cash/closing the deal so to speak, and decided it would be best to read the travel insurance policy....they didn't cover past 26wks!! I took it as a sign anyway, its silly really cause docs and everything you read will tell you you'd be ok until about 30wks to travel... try not be peed off about it anyway...think of the holiday next yr, with your lovely baby!!