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Busy Mom Posts: 2910
I'm now 9 days over and just went to the loo and TMI TMI felt something and when I wiped there was pink mucous which I'm guessing was my show and there was something in the bottom of the toilet bowl which I'm guessing was my mucous plug! Hopefully this means I'll go myself now instead of an induction on Saturday. No cramps yet but been very uncomfortable the last few days and didn't sleep much last night
octbride2007 Posts: 774
That really looks like it is starting for you hun....woohoo...best of luck...getting walking or bouncing on a ball :o)ll :o)ll
jen09 Posts: 1390
Oh Baby I hope you go before your induction, I have been reading your posts & I can sense your "fed up-ness" from them. Sending labour vibes your way
Buzzo Posts: 1055
-baby- fingers & toes crossed for you! hope you can get out for a walk / have a bounce! (i want to go for 2 walks today, morning & afternoon, but all i can see from my window is icy footpaths)
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
Anyone know if this means anything....... I'm getinng a tightening feeling really low down kinda where my hairline is but it's not conning and going it's constant for the last hour or so
Salander Posts: 1639
might be the head engaging! best of luck!
Ivy F Posts: 2023
No idea what it means, Baby, but really hope that things are moving for you!! Best of luck.xx
aylala Posts: 3673
:o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Its sounds like this is it for you, I went into labour a few hours after my show Best of luck hun :o)ll :o)ll
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
best of luck baby, hope it is a sign that your little on is ready to make an entrance :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
baby2008 Posts: 1254
sounds positive. I got my show on a monday and Ryan was born wednesday morning. Fingers crossed.