OH weight problem ... Advice please??

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bellee Posts: 441
Girls some advice needed please! My fantastic OH has put on about 3 these past few yrs and as a result is soo unhappy with his appearance! I honest to god could not care less bar of course for the health implications!now don't get ms wrong I'm no stick insect myself and plan on loosing a stone before the big day but for some reason neither of us (ESP. Him to be honest) can get fully motivated! I've lost 1 stone already but hes down 2lbs then up 2 etc. Etc. Anyways I'm wondering of motivation clinic might be the way to go as I know there is 1 near his office but lord God he's such mans man that I think if people found out it could finish him off!! Oh I don't know I could be all wrong ... Any ideas &/ past experience very welcome!
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Hi bellee well done on your weight loss. I have read mixed feedback on Motivation Clinic on other internet forums; the general consensus seems to be that they are great for 1 on 1 help to lose weight but it's expensive to keep going long term, so the weight can go back on eventually. My brother has just lost 1 stone on Weightwatchers, I didn't even know he was doing it but he has been going along with his wife for around 2 months apparently! She has lost about half a stone. Would your OH be interested in WW, if you were doing it too? Best of luck!
CarolinaMoon Posts: 2431
He could do WW online as well if he isn't keen on the idea of classes. I am doing it at the moment myself - exercise is crucial so I am doing lots of hill walking and have a personal trainer. Could that be an option? Just once a week?
msoon2bmrs Posts: 122
look up Pat devilly on facebook. Tough but well worth it you really see the results. He shifted that half stone in gig time and it had been bothering me for years...Seriously give him a go. I did it all online.
bellee Posts: 441
That's for the advice ... I'm just at my wits end and feel so sorry for the crater at this stage I just want him to see results and to feel happy in his own skin again!
candlequeen Posts: 991
Bellee I can thoroughly recommend Weightwatchers. I lost 3 stone with them last year and they cater to men and women. If you want, PM me his weight, age, height and your weight, age and height and I can e-mail you your daily allowance, a doc with propoints for most foods, and some recipe ideas. He wouldn't have to attend any meetings, just weigh-in every week at home, and you could both do it together and have fun trying out new things. I've no problem helping with info if ye want to go down that route. x
bellee Posts: 441
Candlequeen I just Pm you there ... Thrilled with your offer!
lulu126 Posts: 1095
What about following the Operation Transformation programme? It's easy to follow online and it's free.