Oil Free Makeup ? Recommendations Please

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Isis Posts: 484
Hi Everyone I hope someone can help me. Sorry for posting this twice but I put it in Fashion & beauty and havent got many replies so I thought Id post here too. Ive been having some problems with lumps and spots on my face, mainly just my cheeks, and the dermatologist I saw recommended using an oil free makeup. I currently use Max Factor 3-in-1 Complete makeup in Soft Beige and while its great for putting on quickly in the mornings its not oil free and does get shiny by the afternoon. Can anyone please recommend an all in one/compact oil free makeup or even one thats good for combination or problem skin I went into the makeup area of a certain big UK department store yesterday for advice and no-one could seem to help me Thanks :thnk
gone elsewhere Posts: 1780
Bobbi Brown Oil-Free foundation with SPF 15 is very good. I have crazy skin too and use that. You can get it in House of Fraser in Dundrum (or cheaper in the US if someone can pick it up for you there)
lets go fly a kite Posts: 2388
I think the newer mineral-based make up is oil free. Skinceuticals is one brand I can think of. Check out , they reviewed mineral-based foundation a while ago.
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
Hiya, I use Laura Mercier oil free foundation and find it really good. I used to shine up after a few hours but it doesnt happen with this stuff. ET
mad woman Posts: 22106
chanel double perfection cream to powder, been using it for about three years, great stuff, its the only thing that doesnt seem to slide off my face. I also use "dr feelgood" from benefit, its like a very soft wax, you just blot it on with a make up sponge and it def helps, it kind of "sets", you can also use it on its own without foundation, go to the benefit counter and ask them about it. HTH! :wv
beana Posts: 306
Revlon do a great foundation for combination skins. Its about 16 euro a bottle. Revlon colourlast, lasts all day and doesnt wear off. hope that helps
Isis Posts: 484
Thanks for all the replies and information ! :thnk
DublinGirl Posts: 1307
Isis, I second Beana. Revlon colourstay oil free foundation is fantastic. I developed oily skin in the last 3 years and no matter what foundation I tried, it just slid off and I had huge shiny patches come 11.00am. O:| I tried literally every foundation on the shelf and spent a forture until I tried the Revlon one. It lasts for up to 16 hours and doesn't slide off and now the dreaded shiny patches are a thing of the past. I apply it with a foundation brush and I find using your fingers or a sponge can drag the skin on your face and possibly overstimulate the glands increasing the production of oil. Using the brush is nice and light and gives an even covereage. I would try is. It's only about €17 euro and lasts ages and if it doesn't work for you, well at least you haven't spent a fortune. Also another tip - a beautician told me to stop using compacts if you have oil skin as a majority of them are oil based and will just run off your skin. Good luck. I haven't looked back. I was the same as you posting a year and a half ago. :wv
Isis Posts: 484
Thanks Dublingirl :thnk I think unfortunately my skins changing with age and not for the better :o( so makeup that worked fine for me awhile ago no longer works so well
DublinGirl Posts: 1307
[quote="Isis":25ur94hq]Thanks Dublingirl :thnk I think unfortunately my skins changing with age and not for the better :o( so makeup that worked fine for me awhile ago no longer works so well[/quote:25ur94hq] Here's your sister!!!!! I'm the same. The minute i turned 30 my skin went mad!!! Try the Revlon. It's an oldie but very good IMO!! :wv