Ok girls u are going to laugh!!

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WeddingBelle2011 Posts: 503
It is 8:45pm and myself and my h2b are pi**ed as farts sitting on the couch here.. We have been chilling out all evening on vodka, but it has hit us a bit faster than usual.. because we haven't had a drink in ages!! he he O-O O-O Roll on Monday ... first day shopping for wedding dresses!!! woo hoo can't wait!!
Ditzy Dee Posts: 412
O-O O-O O-O O-O Good on you O-O O-O. Im planning on opening a nice bottle of red once my H2B gets in the door so cheers.
carolinep34 Posts: 129
Meeting a friend tonight and having a couple of drinks with her leaving H2B to mind children but going to have few together tomorrow evening. O-O O-O O-O