ok might be further along help att peg???

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mama sugar Posts: 1387
ok girls went to the doc, it is all confirmed :o)ll I wasn't imagining it. So the nurse was asking when my last period was so I said 11/09/06 but that it only lasted a day before that my period was 15/08/06 (normal one). So now instead of thinking my due date would be the 18th June it might now be 23rd of may (2 days before or first wedding anniversary). I am only beginning to get nausea - last week. So the doc said I will only be able to tell at my scan at 20 weeks how far I am along - so that is in ten weeks, they will tell me then if I am 20 weeks or 16 weeks. So what is the likely hood of me being 10 weeks now what is your opinion? Also now daddy to be wants to tell the world because he said the doc put down the date of the 23/05/06 so he must think that it was an implantation bleed so I am therefore 2.5 months preggers. but i could only be 6 weeks too!!! please help someone??? x
bellabella Posts: 2750
oH God sugar that is mad. WOw the fastest pregnancy in history. i honestly have no idea. Listen to your body and try to remember how you felt 2 months ago. ANyway its amamzing news. gOood luck chick :wv
mammybean Posts: 10364
well if the doc put that down as the date he must be fairly sure! your other half must be bursting at the seems
jellybaby Posts: 2316
That's great news - congrats to you and hubby. Can they not get you in for a scan sooner than that, especially if they are unsure of dates by 4 weeks?! Have you booked into the hospital yet? I would explain to them about the possibility of having an implantation bleed and not knowing for sure how far along you are, and see if they can offer a scan....to be honest, I found that there was practically no communication between gp and hospital, and you really need to chase up on everything yourself. As regards telling people, that's really a personal decision and everyone announces the news at different stages, so you'll have to decide that between you. Personally speaking, I feel that we told people too early (10 ish weeks), even though we were dying to tell the world - it would have been nicer to have it to ourselves for a while longer. Congrats again, and best of luck O:o)
mama sugar Posts: 1387
Hey girls thanks for the replys, Jelly baby I only went to the doctor last friday to get the pregnancy confirmed and that was when he told me. I asked him when would I find out would it be at the scan. He said yes and I asked how many scans do Kilkenny hospital do and when is the first one so he said it was at 20 weeks!!!!! O:|
babytalk Posts: 52
wow mamasugar - that's nuts! Great for you if it's true! It's a pity you can't get a scan earlier to know!! Sorry I can't help - have no idea!! I can't wait to tell people - am sick of telling strangers! Doctor, health insurance etc!
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
that's mad sugar! yeah, u could definitely be further along then u thought - a lot of people get what they think is a period but actually isn't! wouldn't that be great if u were! keep us posted hun - the scan is the only real way to tell so hopefully u;ll know for sure soon! xx
mama sugar Posts: 1387
thanks girls and thanks mrs. peg Yea I was just on magic mum and asking about Kilkenny hospital there is a girl that is due the 20th june and she is going to kilkenny hospital and public too and she said you get a scan in carlow at about 14 weeks that is in 4 weeks so hopefully that will be the case with me too. I am sending the letter off today so hopefully I will hear from them in a few days x
babe06 Posts: 898
Thats just gas - and not abit surprising! I've heard it happenin so many times. Did you do any pg tests before your last period (the one that lasted only a day) Although if they were negative they could have been false. i know atleast three people who didn't find out untill they were 3 months gone - and another girl who was 6 months. All were getting their af all the time. But I don't know if they had done any tests.
mama sugar Posts: 1387
hi babe06 - no I never did a test but I did say to hubby and my mam that if my af came tis month and only lasted a day I was going to the doc to see what was up. I kinda feel it couldn't be possible that I am 10 weeks but it was strange that af only lasted a day and doc must think it was an implantation bleed if he put down the earlier due date. But I am really worried cause when I got my af I drank and smoked the odd one hubby says not to worry that everything will be fine and lots of people find out they are preggers after having a few sessions a week or two earlier!!! x