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Hopefully Soon Posts: 285
[quote="Mrs Big with Bump ":1y0drt0z]Just had a quick look at your chart I see you had a pos opk yesterday. Dont forget to get down to business yourself tonight and we could see you back here in a couple of weeks xxxx[/quote:1y0drt0z] Thanks a million Mrs Big :thnk I've been sick as a dog the last few days so hoping to god I'll be up to DTD tonight! Just hoping it's not too late though as had a negative OPK this morning. Really finding all of this TTC quite stressful but at least I got my Day 3 bloods back yesterday & all's normal so fingers crossed it'll happen soon. I'm not at all religious but I prayed to my grandad (he died when I was 6 but he's the one I always go to when I need something :-8 ) in December when my friend was doing round 1 of IVF. I asked him then to give my friend her BFP & then look after me so I'm hoping now that she's got her's mine won't be too far behind. :-8 :wv
Princess Mom Posts: 304
When I got pregnant I only got 1 pos opk if I can remember correctly but kept bding for a few days cause I think and I could be wrong that a pos opk means impending ovulation within 48 hours. I know what you mean about the stress issue just take every step as one in the right direction and a means to a positive result. Good luck xxx
katiemomma Posts: 2690
i have got my sil and my friend presents when they snnounced their pregnancies, they were over the 3 motnhs then though. i got them a mom to be card and a €50 for mothercare for my sil thought she could pick out maternity clothes or else use it towards baby. didnt get anything for her when she was pregnant 2nd time though. then for my friend who was complaining of not finding jeans to fit her, a €50 voucher for a fab maternity shop and their jeans were about that price. so on the card i said use this when you think nothing else fits. alot of pregnant will come to that stage where nothing at all in their wardrobe fits lol! she was delighted and wheres them all the time. i would wait the 12wks and then get her something. i must get a pregnancy journal for myself i did one with my 1st dd from about 20 weeks on, love looking back! x hope your on here soon x