Ok to take asthma medication when pregnant?

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Jenron Posts: 259
Hi, we're currently trying for baby no.1 .....fingers crossed for this month! I was just wondering if there are other pregnant asthmatics out there and if so are you still taking your medication as normal? I'm on a corticosteroid inhaler twice a day and nervous about the possible side effects on a baby while pregnant. My doctor has assured me that it's ok to take it while pregnant but I'm still really nervous and it's starting to stress me out. As we're still TTC, I've tried to reduce the amount I was taking on a daily basis but unfortunately it was a non-runner and I was back on my normal intake within a few days. Any advice? Should I just trust what the doctor is saying? Thanks
gopro Posts: 1801
Definatley keep taking your inhalers As than can deteriorate during pregnancies. I thought symbicort twice daily on both pregnancies. Its so important
Its Me Posts: 1788
Yes. I was told by my consultant that I need to take my inhalers and not to worry about any antibiotics I was given (My asthma kicked off with pregnancy) but he simply put it "if your not breathing properly than babs is not breathing properly)
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Sorry, I know this is an older thread but theres some cold hard facts here. Its perfectly safe to take your inhalers during pregnancy [url:tajxe082]http://www.motherisk.org/prof/updatesDetail.jsp?content_id=693[/url:tajxe082] Effects of not taking your inhaler and having asthma symptoms while pregnant would have a worse effect.
jennypenny113 Posts: 4
On baby number 2 here and took my inhalers throughout both pregnancies - its more important to have well managed asthma so try not to worry about the meds. If you are concerned, talk to your GP or the Asthma Society.