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brooklynbride Posts: 282
....the Taoiseach sent his Aide de Compte to her funeral. WHY?????? I'm sorry for her family and the grief they must be feeling, but she was a promotions girl and a socialite. Why was the Aide de Compte present? (this should probably be in Let Off Steam. Apologies to those who are sick to the back teeth of the KF gossip mill.)
Anonymous Posts: 24542
I just heard that on the radio also. FFS! Do they send a rep to [b:3mi32fgr][i:3mi32fgr]every [/i:3mi32fgr][/b:3mi32fgr]drug-related funeral? I think not. They would need to employ several people full time if so, just to attend funerals. Again, proportion, balance - totally out the window.
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Are you serious? Did this guy also go to the funerals in Waterford, what about that pregnant girl that was killed. Typical fecking rubbish. O:|
Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
WTF???? O:| I dont know how many funerals the Aide de Compte attends on behalf of the Taoiseach/Govt - maybe he goes to loads. But will he be attending the funerals of the Waterford guys who died? Or the woman killed in the car crash? When I was 24 my best friend died suddenly of a heart attack - I didnt see him at her funeral O:|
gone elsewhere Posts: 1780
I'd love to know the reason for that too. Did Bertie send his aide to the funeral of the showjumper's wife who was killed along with her unborn baby in a car crash? I think not.
brooklynbride Posts: 282
Glad to see I'm not the only one who felt furious about this. It's wrong on so many levels. Firstly, because it implies that this woman was somehow of national importance, instead of being of importance mainly to Barry Egan, Brendan O'Connor, and the manufacturers of the motorbikes and paninis she made her living advertising. I'm sure her family will grieve her for the rest of their lives, and I feel for them. But that's their private grief, and it shouldn't be assumed that the nation shares it, much as we might sympathise with them. Then there's also the very real possibility that Katy French died as a result of taking an illegal substance. And the Government sends a rep? Where cocaine is concerned, I think you make your own choices, but that's beside the point. This funeral was not the place for a stand-in for the Taoiseach. Please tell me Mary McAleese at least had some cop-on. (edited for rage-affected grammar) (also edited to say, yeah, the plural of panini is panini but who cares)
anya Posts: 187
Totally agree, inappropriate for Taoiseach to send representative especially considering the reason she died (allegedly). Very sorry for her family but unlike the 6 page spread in the daily mirror on friday she wasn't "the irish queen of hearts"
stockbroking bride Posts: 2642
I noticed earlier her former fiance didn't even close his resturant today, bit of a gobsh*te move on his part IMO.
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
According to DH she had fronted some campaigns for his office - I don't know if that would merit it. DH reckons the Taoiseach's rep was prob. at the other funerals too...I've no idea if he was or if he wasn't. If he wasn't then it's very poor form to go to her's and not to the lads' in Limerick. Edited to add: DH thinks Bertie can do no wrong...so suggesting that Bertie made a faux pas resulted in a quick defence by DH! :o0 [size=59:g6i98hj7](we never discuss politics - for a reason!)[/size:g6i98hj7]
Little Miss Naughty Posts: 1046
[quote="stockbroking bride":2ioojhoo]I noticed earlier her former fiance didn't even close his resturant today, bit of a gobsh*te move on his part IMO.[/quote:2ioojhoo] he was in court today because restaurant is about to go bust, might explain wy he left it open :ooh