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bulldoser Posts: 2
Is there any older brides on this form or is it just for the young ones. I just joined as I am hoping to get a few tips. like were is the best place to shop for a dress and what labels are best suited to my age group. I am not looking for old fashioned one just some thing that does not look like mutton dressed up as lamb. I have just started planning and hope to have a small wedding just close family and friends, about 25 people, so a nice restraurant would be most suitable hopefully in Mayo. So any ideas are welcome
Sarahamh Posts: 24
Hello! I'm new to this forum too and have picked up a lot of great tips already! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding :) I am curious though, when you say 'older' brides, what age group are you talking about? I don't believe these is such a thing as dressing for a particular age group on your wedding day, try on anything you like the look of and go for what makes you feel fabulous!
bulldoser Posts: 2
Thanks for the kind words, but they say life begins at 40 and I am a bit more but feel like a teenager about getting married. at first we were going to elope. but then after some thought we decide this day was so precious we wanted to share it with the people that matter most to us. We are going to try and book a few things next week as we are both off, it all feels so butterflyey
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Hi Bulldoser. Theres so much choice out there in wedding dresses at the minute, I don't think you'll have any problems finding something you love. Did you have anything that you were hoping for in particular, like a fabric or shape that suits you? The wollies would be able to suggest shops that have the greatest amount of choice for you. Re: venue. I'm not familiar with that side of the country but we had a small wedding (48 people including ourselves) and we had it in a small function room in a hotel. We looked at restaurants too and theres some gorgeous places and you often get better food choices with restaurants so another plus for them.
shoveover Posts: 480
Try for venues. We are having 30 at our wedding and have looked at a few places from this website.
NittyGritty Posts: 1605
Hi bulldoser and welcome to the wonderful, wacky world of wedding planning! In answer to your first question, I was closer to 40 than 30 getting married, so not sure if that's considered an older bride per say, but I certainly wasn't a frightened virgin walking up that aisle! Regarding dresses, I feel that most wedding dresses suit most ages as they are nearly always modest and not flashing too much flesh. So I don't think the mutton lamb thing will be a consideration anyway. Well if it was, no-one said it to me anyway! A wedding dress is in effect a full length gown so I think that you will have loads of options. Maybe think to yourself if you were attending a formal ball or black tie event what style of dress would work best on your figure and take it from there. Would you like sleeves, what shape neck-line works best for you, would you like straps etc. Then materials, chiffon, satin, lace... The point is there is so much choice you will find the perfect dress for you that makes you feel like a million bucks on your big day, I have no doubt. I suppose the only way to know what you like and what looks best on you is to get into some shops and start trying them on. Another alternative could be Debenhams or Monsoon who stock off the rack bridal dresses also. Very nice dresses they are too. Now I'm not very au-fait with the best places to shop but the girls here are very helpful and edu-ma-cated in all things bridal so they'll keep you right. Enjoy every minute of your planning and preparations and feel free to be a giddy teenager here over it all! You're in the right company.