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psawyer Posts: 121
Hi all, well I went to the doctor today and had my pregnancy confirmed! I just hope all goes well especially over the next few weeks. Anyway I’ve decided to go to Drogheda as it’s the closest to where I live and I would love some recommendations for a consultant to go with. I’m going to go private so I don’t know if that makes a difference or not. Thanks in advance!
Moet for me Posts: 1841
Before I start I'll lay my cards on the table and say i am very interested in maternity services and in particular midwife led services so this maybe of no interest to you at all and I have posted on this before here but OLOL has the most amazing midwife led unit and I don't just mean that in terms of the staff, the rooms are like hotel rooms with space for you and your dh for the duration of your stay. Before you totally make up your mind to go to the consultant I'd advise at least a look I am telling you you would be amazed by it it is fab. The midwives are all lovely that I met anyway and all really enthused by their work. So basically actually I am no use to you at all :o0 because I only met midwives up there but I vowed when I saw the place that I would sing its praises from that day forward so you're my victim :wv . I'm sure your gp will have some ideas for consultants for you as well good luck with it all, it will fly by for you.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Moet I have heard nothing but glowing reports about the Midwife Led Unit there also. But I was under the impression that you have to apply and that there's no guarantee of getting into it because it's just so popular? Worth checking out anyway. I will be trying to get into it on baby no. 2 providing all goes well with this one! Psawyer I will PM you with a consultant recommendation. I'm going private and am v. happy so far with my consultant. Congratulations on your BFP! :o)ll
Moet for me Posts: 1841
I believe you are right Sphynx and after seeing it I'm not surprised, I believe Cavan have one too, I'm not eligible for one as I had a section but I think I'd move to Drogheda after seeing the one there if I was :o0