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Psycho Sue Posts: 1875
Hi Ladies, I just wondered if any of you can tell me how long you waited before you received your 1st appointment letter from Drogheda, after you visited your doctor? I had my doctors appointment on the 24th August, and the nurse said she would fax off my info that day, and I should receive my appointment by post in a few weeks. I haven't received anything yet, but don't want to ring to doc's either to confirm if they sent the details off. I'm not in a hurry for the appointment so much, but heard there is a really long wait for some 1st appointments, and they are allocated from when they are received from your doc. If anyone could shine any light on this, it'd be great. ta sue
bubblybaby Posts: 98
Hi Physico Sue, Dont worry, seen my doc in June and didnt get letter from Hospital for about 6 weeks later!! I was 16w 3d when i attended the hospital for the 1st appointment last Friday! You will get a letter over the next few weeks - it will be fine! :wv
big mama Posts: 623
hi it takes ages to get first app in oloh should def be before your 18 wks they are in no rush up there !!! :wv
pennies Posts: 240
Hi all, i have my first appt on friday, I will be 14wks then. Have to say it took them ages to send out the letter from OLOL also but again you should hope they would get to see you before 18wks or else I would give them a call. Can anyone tell me what to exoect from my first apt in OLOL on Friday. Will I get scan done, also should you bring your partner along, thanks xx
Psycho Sue Posts: 1875
Thanks for all your replies ladies. I was just a little concerned, as the nurse told me I'd have the letter in a few weeks. But what you guys have said, has re-assured me! I believe they do a complete check, with your bloods, family history and the ultrasound aswell. Good luck!