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sshh Posts: 416
Just wanted to share my experience of the booking appt. Was given an appt for 13+1 at 8.15am. Arrived at 8am and were first there. Parked in the hosp car park expensive but convenient as ticket based so pay on your way out. There is another car park nearby with a shuttle to the hosp. Try to bring cash as the card reader on the ticket machine was broken, we got cash back in the shop. We were seen at 9am. Filled out a basic info form with the same info that was on the form with the app card ! Then was taken to have height weight blood pressure taken and to provide a urine sample. Then a meeting with the midwife to discuss details eg medical history both sides diet MLU any questions to ask. Given an appt card for scan and blood tests. Went up to scan and had a bit of a wait maybe half an hour. In this time we could have gotten blood tests done , just hand in the appt card and come back as the blood test was very fast. Scan was very quick but amazing ! Only thing is dh was asked to sit on a stool in the middle of the room and scan bed was up against the wall so we couldn't interact or hold hands which was a pity. But it is a medical exam I guess so that is the way they do it. Then down for blood tests took ten mins. Dropped file back down to midwives and headed off ! All in we were there for three hours and everyone we met was very nice. A lot of repetition of info and an unnecessary wait at the start but all in all a good experience. Am eligible for the mlu so delighted with that. Wouldn't have another scan unless it was required so I may get a private one in a couple of months time. Hth anyone else who is curious about how it works !
twoboys Posts: 320
Your appointment at the MLU around 24 weeks will be very different. You're generally seen at your appointment time and you get 30 mins with the midwife and if the rooms are free you'll get to see the birth suites. Have you seen their FB page? Tracy
Sue79 Posts: 175
hi sshhh, I second what 2boys said. I was eligable for MLU on my last pregnancy until the end and had all but my last 4 appts there, as I ended up with Pre-eclempsia. Booking apt is always about 3 hours but no other apt you get will take that long. Only thing I will say on the MLU tho is that if they have ladies labouring at the same time, they may call and reschedule you (this happened to me twice, but it was no big deal) with only an hour or two to your appointment. Love the MLU and would love to go there this time too, but too many complications. Even when I was put under consultant and was hospitalised for a week til they got my bp under control and for the delivery of my DS, I really couldnt fauly the treatment I got from them. I honestly don't think I could have gone private and got better care. I think your experience can be mostly (and there are always exceptions) what you make of it... Good luck with the pregnancy tho... Sue
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
I was with the MLU on my last pregnancy, went 14days over and had to be induced so ended up on on the consultant unit. I had all my appointments with the MLU, incl 3 sweeps in the 14 days over but my little lady wouldnt budge. I must say I couldnt fault them one bit, Im back with them again on this bubs which Im thrilled about. I loved it there, only once was I waiting past my appointed time. Fingers crossed I get to have this babay with them
sshh Posts: 416
Bumping this up for recent poster two years old though !
Rainbowbrite84 Posts: 55
Thanks Shhh for bumping great to hear good stories! I was worried about waiting for hours just to be seen and then perhaps not get a scan etc so thanks so much for the info!!!