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Savida Posts: 542
So in the process of TTC. Was reading about the benefits of Omega 3 in pregnacy and also in every day life. The recommended daily dosage is 250mg DHA. I know pregnacare plus has a seperate supplement with it containing this but as I am not pregnant I don't wanna be taking pregnacare if you know what I mean!! So just wondering if any of ye could recommend a suitable Omega 3 supplement, or maybe one that ye take in pregnancy? (Hope to be going the club soon!!!) Thanks xx
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
Once there is no vitamin A in them and they are not sourced from cod liver oil they should be fine. They should be made from the bodies of oily fish rather than the livers basically. But at the same time pregnacare has everything you need when ttc too, so it would be no bad thing to take them either. Lots of people take them beforehand.
Daff Posts: 11644
Any reason you don't want to take pregnacare? I was taking the conception version and then saw there's very little difference between them all so moved to the Pregnacare plus instead so at least when I got BFP I was taking it from the start instead of finishing off the other pack. I also took the pregnacare BF pack and again little difference apart from having calcium added.
Savida Posts: 542
Thanks, Suppose I don't wanna tempt faith by taking pregnacare if you know what I mean!! Feels a bit weird! Will prob just bite the bullet and get over myself and buy them!! :-8
Delphinium Posts: 3027
[quote="Sweetlove":3didepu9]Thanks, Suppose I don't wanna tempt faith by taking pregnacare if you know what I mean!! Feels a bit weird! Will prob just bite the bullet and get over myself and buy them!! :-8[/quote:3didepu9] I was taking Pregnacare and stopped when I read about the possibility of them lengthening your cycle! I think the idea is to give you a longer luteal phase to aid implantation. I have a long-ish cycle anyway and I figured I would be driven mad every month thinking I was late if this was true so I switched to another pre-conception vitamin. Agree with the others re Vit A - this can be toxic to a developing baby. What you get in your normal diet is OK but there is danger if you are topping up with supplements.
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
i'm taking the boots ones seperately with the pregnacare. at my consultants appointment I got her to check them and she said they were fine to take (no vit A etc). don't forget your folic acid. :)
Savida Posts: 542
Thanks for the replies girls. Still not tto sure what to do. MrsMesser which Boots ones are you taking? Been taking folic acid flat out!! :o0
cosy toes Posts: 38
I've been taking 'omega 3 mums to be'. I got it in Boots and also its in health shops. I found it good. It costs about 17 euro for a pack and it has about 36 in it and it's on three for two at the min I noticed!!!! CT
Gingham Posts: 3014
The rotunda told me to take MorDHA omega three, was told the amount in the multivits isn't enough. I took them from 13 weeks...
23leanne Posts: 761
I have the pregnacare that come with the omega 3 capsules. I take the ordinary capsule by breaking it in hald but have problem with the omega ones as I think they are so big. I am afraid of choking on them! Is there anything else smaller?