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SuziQ Posts: 428
Yes you read it correctly. My fiance has just told me about The clarion in Carrig fergus and that they are apparently advertising a midweek wedding for 100 people with all the trimmings for €600..... I told him to shut up and stop his messing.... Thats €6 a head HOW IN GODS NAME CAN THAT HAPPEN!!! I know mid week is cheaper but SERIOUSLY Im paying €55 a head and tout that was brill (for a sat wedding).... Going to google the crap outa this now!!!!
xx fairy mommy xx Posts: 1833
christ I'm being robbed...still think its going to be worth every penny! I sometimes wonder why places can afford to ct prices so much - i just wonder if its cause they not that popular?!! imagine booking the place in advance of such decreases and then for that to be advertised!!! :eek
ela28 Posts: 2552
just looked it up there,I think it's £995,that's very good but I'd be worried about the food and service to be honest and the place in general!!
Goodfellas Posts: 979
Burger, chips and a coke would be a tenner a head in your local chippie, would it???! ( I'm veggie, I wouldn't be sure - but I wouldn't say I'm far off) :o0 Seriously, there's cheap, and there's too cheap to be any good. The quality HAS to suffer. It HAS to. Staff, insurance, heating, electricity, rates, maintainence, taxes, raw ingredients for food etc has to come out of that. It could be a "loss - leader" to attract business and attention to the hotel. Supermarkets, for example, are legally restrained from doing that here, I think - below-cost selling, like. When you take into account the word-of-mouth, viral effect of a story like this, it becomes clear how and why they do it. Its a relatively cheap form of advertising! :) It could also be seen as someone crossing the line definitively in the race to the bottom. Thanks for the post, OP. Very interesting times we're in. Michael
Groovy-Chick Posts: 2383
I read about it on this thread last week ... p?t=234030 Wonder how good it is, as someone else said I wonder would the quality suffer or would they go out of their way to make it good so the hotel would get more business
Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
hmm i smell a rat.. perhaps its coming from their kitchen.. :o0
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
My H2B told me about this aswell and I was thinking the same thing. I mean how good could the food and service be. Apparently the Clarion have said they are aware initially they may lose money but the bar sales are what saves it. They must be banking on seriously boozey weddings to make up for it though :ooh
Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
I think all the WOLLY's should go there so for an xmas party!! :o0
dancingqueen Posts: 491
When things are sometimes to good to be true.....they probably are!!! €6 a head, you wouldn't get a happy meal for that!
petersgirl Posts: 1568
Don't know anything about the hotel, but apparently they are doing this as they know they will make on average 25-30 per person on them buying drink, plus many guests will stay at the hotel and use the facilities. Basically their way of bringing people in, to pay for other things.