OMG - Did you see the Take That documentary on ITV?

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december Posts: 1141
I was so excited to hear about tihs documentary, having been a huge Take That fan when I was younger. I turned on my tv earlier and while I could get picture I couldn't get any sound. Thankfully, after a few prayers, the sound was working when I turned the tv back on again to watch the documentary. It brought back some serious memories!! Loved the music though - especially when they played Never Forget at the end. Did anybody else think that Jason Orange looked a little bit sick though?
Duchess Snow Posts: 2348
didn't see it all but i thought that howard came accross as a bit bitter ditto gary gotta love robbie and mark came accross very well
MrsSimba Posts: 205
Cannot believe JAson is GAY!! He was so manly in Take That. Defo agree with you he looks seriously ill. What do you reckon is going on with Robbie and Gary and do you think they did actually ask Robbie to leave the band? Or was robbie just being paranoid and sensitive at the time??? :?
Mrs EJ Posts: 365
Brillant programme....brought back loads of memories. Yea Jason Orange looks really bad, they did a close up of him at one stage and the amoutn of make up still did nothing for him...wonder whats up with him!! Totally shocked about him been gay....OMG...didnt see that one as you said MrsSimba so manly in Take That. Was nice what Robbie said about Gary been an amazing songwriter etc....didnt have to say it could of been a knob about it. Did you see Garys for Robbie, thought it was v funny at the end when he was sticking up his fingers and saying "14 Brits"...ya just got to love him :wink:
MrsWigwam Posts: 558
I really wanted Robbie to turn up.... As for his song 'No regrets'.. i think he had a few.. he had to apologise to all of them!!! :? :? But it was a good programme... brought back my memoried of queuing outside HMV Grafton St for tickets for their concert... I was such a dedicated fan!!!
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I seen the last 40mins or so,i really enjoyed it too.Brought back all the memories of school especially and how gutted we all were when they split.Pity robbie didnt show but as he said he feels guilty in a way. Isnt it so sad to think of these especially robbie with all this money and they are so lonely-i really felt for him when said he would swap what he had for garys life.As i think it was Howard who said no-one really helped robbie when he was in the band and they should of stopped him from leaving. Id say back then robbie was so messed up and probably was severely depressed and took it all on too personally,thats why he hasnt been in touch with them Defo Jason is gay and looks awful and very thin!!
Bumpalicious Posts: 512
I really enjoyed it, it was so nostalgic...I totally agree about Jason looking ill, though.. On another point, does anybody think Howard has grown up to be GORGEOUS? I never liked him in Take That because his hair was always awful, but now I think he's lovely! Felt a bit sad for robbie at the end, but then I always feel sad for him. I just think he's really unhappy...
scotswedding Posts: 2829
Never mind how shit Jason looked (disappointing as it was, he was gorgeous) -Did anyone did Howard came across as though he was slightly retarded...??? I don't think I've ever heard him talk before and always thought David Walliams take on him was taking the piss but now it seems scarily close to the real thing...
seanin Posts: 46
it was so good - g so nostalgic watching it ! yes Howard is gorg- now and his gorg little daughter! ... cant believe it was all 10 yrs ago- how time flies !
Duchess Snow Posts: 2348
def scots wedding and when he was saying that his single and album were really good when clearly dodge (never released) you just thought keep your mouth shut!